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Hello guys and girls from Little Orbit


Could you please say will you leave old address for the new forum as before gamerstfirst.com or it will be changed as well. If so could you please say the new address for the new forum before opening to avoid confuses?




HI there,


The new forums will replace this URL, so you can find them in the main navigation like normal.

We are keeping the old forums but moving them to a new URL (which we will share on Friday).



In Topic: why did you stop broadcasting bans?

Yesterday, 04:21 PM

disabled auto banning? 


I thought it was auto flagging ready for reviewing (manually banning). and what is the reason in trimming the only one thing against cheaters?


We are still manually reviewing bans, but we detected an issue with G1's internal anti-cheat and FairFight that was auto banning players. Additionally there were some features of FairFight that I need to investigate further. So in the meantime, those have been disabled.



You dialed back the game's only defense against cheaters? Why? I genuinely hope this means you have something to replace it with, otherwise you're going to kill the game all over again.


We have a new solution being integrated with our internal system that will be announced on Friday.

In Topic: why did you stop broadcasting bans?

Yesterday, 03:58 PM

Hi everyone,


Sorry it took so long to reply. I've been a bit busy the last couple days.


We disabled the ban notifications because they were toxic and not productive. I don't see any value in publicizing bans.


We have trimmed back FairFight right now and disabled auto-banning along with several other features.

All bans are being manually reviewed by the new Community team and Customer Support team.



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15 May 2018 - 02:25 PM

In my opinion the population is very low or nonexistent and the game requires a reset from scratch


For the record, a character wipe would be an absolutely last resort. We know there have been extensive issues with item duping. We are looking at fixing that bug and then sorting out how to balance players who exploited it.


Will you be hiring?


We will be in the future.

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15 May 2018 - 02:07 PM

So to be clear. . . it sounds like all of the current threads will not be moved to the new forums, but users can individually move threads if they want?


Yes. That is correct.