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G1 downgraded emissive light textures?

26 September 2017 - 03:19 PM

ADD IT TO THE PILE! yeah I bet that pile is real big now


so this whole time I thought police lights in APB were always dim solid colors on max graphics. Then I see this old footage and I'm like "What the hell, why doesn't our mommy look like this?"





those lights textures are looking pretty detailed. They're also decently bright and have a subtle glow to them.

compare that to the police lights now, that are just dim blobs that don't have any kind of glow. Sometimes the graphics are weird and the glow is enabled at certain times of day, but the current one just looks as bright as a nuclear bomb, not clean like this one.


my first time uploading a gif to the forums, if it just shows up as an image, someone correct me on it


Edit: Might have fixed the gif

Add interior club space for Michael Simeone

21 August 2017 - 08:16 PM

Title says it all.


I think it would be cool if the you could actually walk into Michael Simeone's club, and have him located in there. They did something like this with Birth at Rimbaud, but I think Simeone has a better location, and the entrance right now already looks pretty cool.


Here's Michael Simeone's current club





Production quality down the drain

19 August 2017 - 12:27 PM

Check out these two awesome videos 


Patriot Jericho Ophelia Prime




Bishada Birth Deluxe



Pretty cool looking videos am I right?


but then you see the promotion for the IO GROWL




I cringe


The difference in production quality makes a huge impact


The Growl promotion looks like some low budget home video. The guy just drives the car around with music that has the least amount of hype.


Where did the production quality go?

APB: All Points Bulletin(2010 RTW) vs APB: Reloaded(2017G1/RP) Graphics

18 August 2017 - 12:55 PM

We all know the current graphics look like mommy, and that the engine upgrade will be a major improvement, but based off of screenshots of the engine upgrade, G1/RP is still missing some key things they need to fix. 


First being bloom, which needs to be added back properly because light strips, car lights, and neon light boards no longer glow in the engine upgrade screenshots.


Second is the sky. The sky needs major improvment, in the sense that the clouds need to be set back to the high quality clouds that RTW had, which had shading to them and look 3 dimensional. Also the color of the sky during sunset/sunrise and night needs to be changed to something that isn't beige, or pink, but instead should have a nice orange for the sunset/sunrise.


And third being night time, because from the screenshot you will see that at night the moon still shines like a spotlight, which shouldn't be the case because the city lights are brighter than the moon.


And finally fourth, the city lights have been heavily reduced in the engine upgrade form what we've seen. This is the exact opposite of what the city should look like. The city lights need a boost in brightness, and should have bloom added to them which should be visible from across the map instead of 10 meters(in the current game bloom disappears after that distance). Have it like this, but not in an overwhelming way.


Here are a few screenshots of the engine upgrade, and also below that is a short video comparing sunrise from RTW(2010) to G1/RP(2017)






And here's a video comparing RTW to G1/RP



RTW had the best bloom, subtle fog for the city to glow, and sky. G1/RP you guys should take some tips from this.

What I do waiting for the engine upgrade

16 August 2017 - 12:44 PM

First heard about the engine upgrade in 2014, during 9th grade.


Now fast forward 3&1/2 years to 2017


About to begin 12th grade


Still no engine upgrade 


We'll probably get the upgrade by the time I'm out of highschool


What do I do in the meantime?