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20 March 2017 - 11:47 AM

Hi there ! Yes i play often, i have  played/still play Wow (not retail) and  i fall in love with this game.I like  his Lore  and  would  be nice if we can revive the factions.For  Ah we are already doing  on several segments.

   Shademon is  leader  of  Fenrir pack and  Project Matrix leader of  Dark Wolves.


As personal i am veteran gamimg startitng  Warcraft 1 till wow Mop expansion as  oficial servers.


 At the moment we have 3 members and  8 vaults who are full like  80%.Few examples : Weak Petrolium  about  10 stacks, Scrap wood about  8-9 stacks,

scrap iron about  10 stacks and manny others as  raw materials.

 And also we craft, atm we have almost (70%)  1 vault  full of ammo; we  are  on ah on ammo segment  with Matrix and  cheap ammo  present by almost an week. Next week we will go with  others goods.

   Ofc those are  only 2 examples of what we can offer.


 About lvl-s :

   I, Shademon, am  lvl 24 to 25 and in S2 as  quests/missions, other 2 members are like  10-16 lvl's.Those lvl-s are "low" becouse we  have build what we have  and  sell on AH.

   We have activated  premium acc for craf section, to qeue up to 3 goods we plan to sell.


   I have played alot and  bought  from Ah but .. with those  broken  prices i wasn't able  to do much.I have meet Matrix at work place and we starting this  

 project.As  personal i have gather like  40-60 % of  our vaults, rest  will be  to Matrix merit.Last days he farmed   almost 10 stacks of  scrap copper and hunted  like  2k chickens.

   If you wish more  answers  ask and we will answer  as we can.We apreciate  free time becouse we work like 12 hours   and don't like  waste others time in-game.You can see Shademon on help channel trying to help as much he can players.


                                                                                                           I hope this answer your question,