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Playing the game when I want....

23 April 2017 - 10:56 PM

Considering there are a bunch of people who have paid money to play this game, we should be able to play it when we want. It sucks when you log on during "off hours" and the district you want to play in has no population. Let's face the facts here...district segregation has not helped player retention in the least. I suggest two things for Gamersfirst to do when they are not working on the console release and laughing at us while spending our money:


1. Get rid of the threat segregation. It isn't keeping player retention. There is no point in protecting the "noobs" anymore because they are quitting your game regardless.


2. Reduce the server instances from 40 v 40 to 35 v 35. This will allow more overflows servers to be created and people will join servers when the population looks more appealing rather than logging off and playing something else because they dont want to spam the only district they can play in. People quit your game rather than join a district whose population is 7 v 8.


I since I am on a roll right now I have a bonus suggestion. How about updating your damn launcher? Are you serious?




Your updates/latest news are in October and November? Is there a BOGO going on or not? Your launcher is talking about Halloween while I am planting May flowers. It is obvious the developers/GM do not log into this game because I cringe every time I see those dates.


This is just pathetic.