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#4505856 Market-Bots

Posted by Reeses on 31 October 2017 - 09:52 AM

I don't understand the issue. I agree that market-bots are lame and such, but why would you "forget" to restrict your weapon when selling it for a dollar? Don't YOU have some personal responsibility? The issue is that if I sell my gun for say 100k and meant to sell it for 1 million, that problem is on me. I wouldn't want G1 wasting time and resources because you were too lazy to proof read.


Next thing you know someone sells their bullshark for 2 million to only find out someone else bought another one for 3 million so they want support to give theirs back so they can resell it and make more money.


So I will ask you. Why didn't you restrict your weapon for sale/trade?

#4504059 Why are golds overtaking bronze now?

Posted by Reeses on 19 October 2017 - 07:40 AM

Silver servers are full of gold degenerate hackers, and there is no efficient anti-cheat.

If u want to actually enjoy this game as a silver, move to bronze where u can actually have some competition with ur rank, and not insta endless kills, no bullet missed etc.

Let them hackers deserve each other on them cuckfest servers.

They invaded us first, so we left them have it.

This game is jungle law based, there will always be collateral.

Perhaps one day this game will be an hackers only mommy credit card cheat program league competition, if it goes too far with the ignorance.

So yeah.. enjoy cucks and quit whining.


Best way to enjoy the game as a silver is to look in the mirror, admit you're not as good as other players, and strive to do better. Or just play a game you're better at?


G1 tried to protect the noobs. It failed. It was a bad idea then and a bad idea now. Again, the fact of the matter is that threat segregation did NOTHING to protect the job noobs of San Paro and it did very little in helping retain new players. 


Why can't you just accept the fact that other (legit) players are better than you? Why do you have such a tough time admitting defeat? It is your attitude and your beliefs that has caused the decline of APB. When you shout that everyone is a hacker without proof it looks really bad for the game. G1 took a gamble and catered to the silvers and casuals of APB. It failed. They failed. Bad gamble. 

#4502516 Why are golds overtaking bronze now?

Posted by Reeses on 08 October 2017 - 07:27 AM

Important point: I meet real golds only in silver distr. They are a fun bunch. Everytime I get a beating I learn

from them. Esp the 3k to 5k hour golds are fun to play against.



Too bad G1 segregated the community and allows less skilled players continue to be less skilled. If they took your advice maybe they would be better players now and wouldn't be so afraid of borderline golds. I can't imagine any gold in the bronze district is actually a skilled player. 

#4501800 no waterfront

Posted by Reeses on 02 October 2017 - 07:22 AM

don't you (g1) think it is a bit broken when your players can not even experience all the content in your game because the mechanics do not support your dying population?


please fix your game so i can actually level up my characters.


Unfortunately G1 has decided bronzes and silvers are more important than golds. Back in 2014 right when FairFight was released you had TechMech telling us what a "hard game" APB is to play. G1 doesn't play their own game so they have no idea what it is like to be a gold player on Jericho, and if they do play, they are bronzes and silvers and probably want to avoid anyone with an IQ and who can aim in this game.


People need to stop defending bad players, simple as that. 


I started to recently play the game Insurgency. When I first logged in, I got my butt kicked. Went like 3-10. I didn't know the maps, where people camped, what the strategies were, etc. I didn't go on the forums and demand the game be changed so I can play with other noobs only. I enjoyed the game despite getting my butt handed to me. 40 hours later of playing the game and I can go 35-3 and be the MVP.


I've said it numerous times in other threads. The point of threat segregation was to allow new players a chance to learn the game and retain them. It didn't work. Instead you have max rank bronzes and silvers who have no idea how to play the game because they were never forced to get better. They can continue to use their poor aim and strategies to defeat someone less stupid than them. G1 thinks their game is hard. They think APB is some special shooter that requires more skill than other games. So does half the community here. Until that mindset is changed you're SOL.


I have played much less APB in the past few weeks due to the fact I cannot play Waterfront. I check the APB watcher website ever so often and log in if there is Waterfront pop, if there isn't I play something else.


Does G1 care about retaining me or you? I guess not.

#4500076 Perhaps...[an idea about district threat segregation]

Posted by Reeses on 18 September 2017 - 09:30 AM

Not needed. The bronze/silver players in low populated districts can come to silver/gold districts instead of the other way around. There's a good reason for this. As you probably know there's a lot of gold closets running around these days and giving them a free pass to the bronze districts would defenately be a slap in the face of bronze and new players, not to mention the legit silver players.


But it isn't a slap to the face for gold players who generally on Jericho only have 1 district they can play in?


The game is 7 years old. Protecting new players is a bad argument. Protecting "legit" silvers is a joke. Why should you be protected because other players are better than you? Play the game. If people are better than you, get better rather than falling back on "they are a bunch of closet cheaters." I still don't know why bad players need to be protected. Either get better or get thicker skin if you enjoy playing the game.

#4495355 Could the "Summer event" make any good change actually?

Posted by Reeses on 21 August 2017 - 06:58 PM

There's simply no way to know the answer without the seeing and playing the game mode in question.


Really? Name one event that G1 has pulled off that has been a great success? I'll put it this way...if you had to put money on whether or not they are going to implement a battle royale game mode that is popular, well done, and successful...you betting yes or no? You're not new around here. I know. You know. We all know. Don't live in denial. 

#4495333 Could the "Summer event" make any good change actually?

Posted by Reeses on 21 August 2017 - 03:19 PM

Personally I like APB for the game it is. If I want a battlegrounds game, I'll play PUBG, H1Z1, etc. If I want a zombie game, I'll play L4d2, Killing Floor, etc. It seems like this was just APB trying to cash in on another game's popularity/flavor of the month. Unfortunately, they've never been able to "perfect" the original concept/game play for APB so why they went and promised us a game mode nobody really wanted/asked for and then go silent and not bother to follow through with it is beyond me. 


I don't have faith in the team to create a battleground game mode that isn't full of glitching, exploiting, and imbalances. I don't think it will hurt the game's population if it is a failure, but I don't see new people downloading and playing APB because of a battle royale game mode.


Hey developers! Your game is unique already! Focus on making YOUR game and the APB concept better. 




It is insulting if you're going to cater to the battleground population to get them to try your game when you've had a dedicated PC population for years. Improve the game we downloaded and have enjoyed for years. 

#4495183 Summer is almost over LOL xD!11!

Posted by Reeses on 20 August 2017 - 08:15 AM

Nobody claims September to be summer just as nobody claims Sunday to be the first day of the week. 


Once again, G1 makes a claim, lies about it, and then disappears. I am sure Tiggs will chime in sooner or later about their "small hard working team" but that doesn't excuse her from opening her big lying mouth yet again. Just another example to add to the list of the terrible decisions and straight up lies they have told us over the years. And don't defend Tiggs by saying the company told her to post the event on the forums. Doesn't excuse the fact she gave zero updates about how the event was coming along, etc. 


How anyone can defend Tiggs/G1 and company and this point is beyond me. 

#4493130 Golds need to go home.

Posted by Reeses on 08 August 2017 - 10:32 AM

If you dethreat on purpose, you are a piece of mommy.
Stop making excuses.


I don't think anyone is making excuses for people to dethreat, but at the same time, blame G1 once again for creating the threat segregated districts. They didn't achieve the goal they thought it would, so what is the point in still having them? It created the "dethreaters." They didn't really exist before and I can't imagine the number of dethreaters is that big of an issue anyway. 


RTW had 35-35 population districts and no segregation. G1 in closed beta had no segregation. The game was fine then. Want to solve dethreating? Open up all the districts. At least this will allow a group/player to move to another district if they aren't happy with their opposition and allow gold players to actually play both Waterfront and Financial on NA servers anytime of day. 

#4492806 Golds need to go home.

Posted by Reeses on 05 August 2017 - 08:54 AM


in the future we might see locked districts for different threat levels.


No. We had that in the past. They tried it. It didn't work.

#4492805 Golds need to go home.

Posted by Reeses on 05 August 2017 - 08:47 AM

Its bad enough golds have taken over silver, but now i cant even play casually on bronze without running into golds tryharding like every match is life or death. Go HOME. There is now no excuse not to use gold district besides your want for easy opp. Fact is golds are to afraid to fight opposition of similar rank. Get out of silver and bronze and GO HOME! 


How exactly do you want to "play casually?" Seems like you are the one who wants the "easy" op. I have a newsflash for you and it is kind of surprising I need to tell you this since you've been on the forums and in game for close to 4 years......we all deal with the "tryhards." We all deal with the bad matchmaking. Even if you're gold you are going to face opposition that "tryhard," Just deal with it. You aren't going to get opposition every match that lets you win or lets you win easily. You just need to grow up a little bit and deal with it. Facing tryhards? Do better then. They aren't able to do anything differently that you can't do yourself. So what is your excuse why they are better? If they are using cheap tactics and you don't want to stoop to their level, great. But don't whine about it. Don't blame "golds" because G1 had the great idea of putting things like remote detonator in the game that nobody asked for or any other terrible decision that has lead to the gains population decreasing. 


It seems you just lump all golds as "tryhards." So anyone who can aim and use strategies and know which way you're going to run to the objective because they have played that mission 5000000000 times makes them a tryhard? Or because they can use multiple buttons on their mouse and keyboard at the same time? How do you suggest I play if I opp you? It just seems like you're bitter that people are better than you in this game. It is posts like these and behavior like this that G1 enabled far too long. You are the one creating the toxic community in APB. It is people that cannot accept the fact that others are better than them in APB. That is how the game gets the reputation that everyone is cheating. 


The simple fact is the only thing that will make you happy is if you win every mission while you "casually" play. It isn't going to happen. Find a new game. 

#4491501 We pushed game into darkness by own..

Posted by Reeses on 27 July 2017 - 06:21 AM

How could anyone "like" this post.


700 people playing and only 100-150 are legit? Laughable. Care to provide any real evidence? The closest thing we have to real evidence is TechMech saying that less than 1% of the population cheats. 


Games with a population of less than 5000 get shut down? What are you talking about? There are plenty of games out there running just fine with less than 5000 players.


G1 killed the game. They talked a big game about engine upgrades, anti-cheats, new content, new matchmaking, etc and they dropped the ball on EVERYTHING. They didn't follow through with one single thing they claimed they would since 2013. Why are you defending G1 when I and many others can point to forum threads posted by red names that are blatant lies or promises they didn't follow through.


I like how you say "at least they tried." Yeah, they tried and they failed. Admit that as much. 

#4491316 Without the marketplace whats the fastest way to make money?

Posted by Reeses on 25 July 2017 - 07:39 PM

With missions you spend money. Mostly on ammo and car spawns. And how much you make is dependent on how well you do. If you are doing poorly you might not even break even. 


You cannot be serious can you? You barely break even sometimes in money in a mission? How often does that happen? If you are that bad at the game there is no reason to have APB money. For what?


Missions/Fight Club is by the far the fastest and easiest way to make money.


Try not spawning your car 15 times a mission and you should be okay. 

#4486552 Gamesense.

Posted by Reeses on 01 July 2017 - 01:19 PM

Why do so many people (including alot of max golds) lack gamesense?



Example: We have Attacker and Defender


-Defender is behind a corner near point

-Attacker starts doing the point

-Defender sees the point flickering, runs to the point and prefires the point. (because it flickers so theres someone on it duh..)

-Attacker calls Defender a waller and an aimbotter because prefire through wall.



Cmon guys... This is basic gamesense


Many people lack gamesense in APB. Play the game long enough and know where people will spawn, which path they will take to the objective and whatever else. Of course you will be called a wallhacker and probably /reported. Add good gamesense with being able to aim and you're fairfight worthy. Think Tiggs and company have gamesense when they claim to play the game? They think you're cheating also. 

#4476918 What if they just gave up because of the community

Posted by Reeses on 11 May 2017 - 10:36 AM

But when community complains about every update - it drags down the company.


Okay....Instead of blindly defending G1...can you name 5 things Gamersfirst has done well with APB? Just a list of 5 things that you think have been successfully implemented by G1 since they relaunched the game in February of 2011. 


For full disclosure here, I think they have done a few things well.


1. I think they did a pretty good job of making it a free to play game while avoiding a pay to win aspect. I think the joker store/tickets are a good way to allow f2p players to get armas type guns and such.


2. I also think they did a good job with weapon balancing for the most part. Players use a variety of weapons and besides a select few guns....most are viable weapon choices.


3. They also did a good job with convincing the community that one single account wide gun is indeed worth $25-30. Pretty impressive they can get their player base to flock to armas when they put up 50% sales. I know I am guilty. A three slot alig for only $10? What a bargain!