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#4495355 Could the "Summer event" make any good change actually?

Posted by Reeses on 21 August 2017 - 06:58 PM

There's simply no way to know the answer without the seeing and playing the game mode in question.


Really? Name one event that G1 has pulled off that has been a great success? I'll put it this way...if you had to put money on whether or not they are going to implement a battle royale game mode that is popular, well done, and successful...you betting yes or no? You're not new around here. I know. You know. We all know. Don't live in denial. 

#4495333 Could the "Summer event" make any good change actually?

Posted by Reeses on 21 August 2017 - 03:19 PM

Personally I like APB for the game it is. If I want a battlegrounds game, I'll play PUBG, H1Z1, etc. If I want a zombie game, I'll play L4d2, Killing Floor, etc. It seems like this was just APB trying to cash in on another game's popularity/flavor of the month. Unfortunately, they've never been able to "perfect" the original concept/game play for APB so why they went and promised us a game mode nobody really wanted/asked for and then go silent and not bother to follow through with it is beyond me. 


I don't have faith in the team to create a battleground game mode that isn't full of glitching, exploiting, and imbalances. I don't think it will hurt the game's population if it is a failure, but I don't see new people downloading and playing APB because of a battle royale game mode.


Hey developers! Your game is unique already! Focus on making YOUR game and the APB concept better. 




It is insulting if you're going to cater to the battleground population to get them to try your game when you've had a dedicated PC population for years. Improve the game we downloaded and have enjoyed for years. 

#4493130 Golds need to go home.

Posted by Reeses on 08 August 2017 - 10:32 AM

If you dethreat on purpose, you are a piece of mommy.
Stop making excuses.


I don't think anyone is making excuses for people to dethreat, but at the same time, blame G1 once again for creating the threat segregated districts. They didn't achieve the goal they thought it would, so what is the point in still having them? It created the "dethreaters." They didn't really exist before and I can't imagine the number of dethreaters is that big of an issue anyway. 


RTW had 35-35 population districts and no segregation. G1 in closed beta had no segregation. The game was fine then. Want to solve dethreating? Open up all the districts. At least this will allow a group/player to move to another district if they aren't happy with their opposition and allow gold players to actually play both Waterfront and Financial on NA servers anytime of day. 

#4492806 Golds need to go home.

Posted by Reeses on 05 August 2017 - 08:54 AM


in the future we might see locked districts for different threat levels.


No. We had that in the past. They tried it. It didn't work.

#4492805 Golds need to go home.

Posted by Reeses on 05 August 2017 - 08:47 AM

Its bad enough golds have taken over silver, but now i cant even play casually on bronze without running into golds tryharding like every match is life or death. Go HOME. There is now no excuse not to use gold district besides your want for easy opp. Fact is golds are to afraid to fight opposition of similar rank. Get out of silver and bronze and GO HOME! 


How exactly do you want to "play casually?" Seems like you are the one who wants the "easy" op. I have a newsflash for you and it is kind of surprising I need to tell you this since you've been on the forums and in game for close to 4 years......we all deal with the "tryhards." We all deal with the bad matchmaking. Even if you're gold you are going to face opposition that "tryhard," Just deal with it. You aren't going to get opposition every match that lets you win or lets you win easily. You just need to grow up a little bit and deal with it. Facing tryhards? Do better then. They aren't able to do anything differently that you can't do yourself. So what is your excuse why they are better? If they are using cheap tactics and you don't want to stoop to their level, great. But don't whine about it. Don't blame "golds" because G1 had the great idea of putting things like remote detonator in the game that nobody asked for or any other terrible decision that has lead to the gains population decreasing. 


It seems you just lump all golds as "tryhards." So anyone who can aim and use strategies and know which way you're going to run to the objective because they have played that mission 5000000000 times makes them a tryhard? Or because they can use multiple buttons on their mouse and keyboard at the same time? How do you suggest I play if I opp you? It just seems like you're bitter that people are better than you in this game. It is posts like these and behavior like this that G1 enabled far too long. You are the one creating the toxic community in APB. It is people that cannot accept the fact that others are better than them in APB. That is how the game gets the reputation that everyone is cheating. 


The simple fact is the only thing that will make you happy is if you win every mission while you "casually" play. It isn't going to happen. Find a new game. 

#4491501 We pushed game into darkness by own..

Posted by Reeses on 27 July 2017 - 06:21 AM

How could anyone "like" this post.


700 people playing and only 100-150 are legit? Laughable. Care to provide any real evidence? The closest thing we have to real evidence is TechMech saying that less than 1% of the population cheats. 


Games with a population of less than 5000 get shut down? What are you talking about? There are plenty of games out there running just fine with less than 5000 players.


G1 killed the game. They talked a big game about engine upgrades, anti-cheats, new content, new matchmaking, etc and they dropped the ball on EVERYTHING. They didn't follow through with one single thing they claimed they would since 2013. Why are you defending G1 when I and many others can point to forum threads posted by red names that are blatant lies or promises they didn't follow through.


I like how you say "at least they tried." Yeah, they tried and they failed. Admit that as much. 

#4491316 Without the marketplace whats the fastest way to make money?

Posted by Reeses on 25 July 2017 - 07:39 PM

With missions you spend money. Mostly on ammo and car spawns. And how much you make is dependent on how well you do. If you are doing poorly you might not even break even. 


You cannot be serious can you? You barely break even sometimes in money in a mission? How often does that happen? If you are that bad at the game there is no reason to have APB money. For what?


Missions/Fight Club is by the far the fastest and easiest way to make money.


Try not spawning your car 15 times a mission and you should be okay. 

#4486552 Gamesense.

Posted by Reeses on 01 July 2017 - 01:19 PM

Why do so many people (including alot of max golds) lack gamesense?



Example: We have Attacker and Defender


-Defender is behind a corner near point

-Attacker starts doing the point

-Defender sees the point flickering, runs to the point and prefires the point. (because it flickers so theres someone on it duh..)

-Attacker calls Defender a waller and an aimbotter because prefire through wall.



Cmon guys... This is basic gamesense


Many people lack gamesense in APB. Play the game long enough and know where people will spawn, which path they will take to the objective and whatever else. Of course you will be called a wallhacker and probably /reported. Add good gamesense with being able to aim and you're fairfight worthy. Think Tiggs and company have gamesense when they claim to play the game? They think you're cheating also. 

#4476918 What if they just gave up because of the community

Posted by Reeses on 11 May 2017 - 10:36 AM

But when community complains about every update - it drags down the company.


Okay....Instead of blindly defending G1...can you name 5 things Gamersfirst has done well with APB? Just a list of 5 things that you think have been successfully implemented by G1 since they relaunched the game in February of 2011. 


For full disclosure here, I think they have done a few things well.


1. I think they did a pretty good job of making it a free to play game while avoiding a pay to win aspect. I think the joker store/tickets are a good way to allow f2p players to get armas type guns and such.


2. I also think they did a good job with weapon balancing for the most part. Players use a variety of weapons and besides a select few guns....most are viable weapon choices.


3. They also did a good job with convincing the community that one single account wide gun is indeed worth $25-30. Pretty impressive they can get their player base to flock to armas when they put up 50% sales. I know I am guilty. A three slot alig for only $10? What a bargain! 

#4473911 Playing the game when I want....

Posted by Reeses on 24 April 2017 - 11:13 AM

I feel like L4D2 and APB are pretty disingenuous comparisons. The former is developed by a very large and well established company. It is built onto a very easy to use engine and only really has to support up to 4 players at a time. Additionally it also has a great deal of mod support which allows it to stay fresh. It is pay to play meaning that the developers are free to work on content which does not necessarily have to bring in money.

APB has none of those things. I think that the console versions are fairly pointless side projects that have taken up too much of the team's time. But I would not pretend the team is putting no effort into working on the game. Whether or not the engine upgrade is a success, it was necessarily the right move forward. You can't really bemoan a game for having lower population than one of the most popular PC games ever released.


Both games were developed by a large and well established company. I'd say APB even more so. I am not going to look it up but did L4D2 cost $100 million to develop? APB had EA's backing. They have been around way longer than Value. APB originally was pay to play also. As for the player support who cares? Plenty of successful games still out there that support numerous players at one time.  


The only reason I used L4D2 as an example is because people say "APB is old so you should expect the population to be small." L4D2 is older and is still super popular so the age of the game has nothing to do with it. Get it? A good game is a good game regardless if it is PVE, PVP, MMO, etc. APB isn't harder to run or maintain than other games. APB is the only free to play game I know of where people would think a $10 permanent is a bargain! LOL.


I am not being sarastic here. G1 did such a great job with armas and the prices and everything. Nobody really complains about the prices for guns and such in APB. Of course there are a few who complain, but most are of are willing to pay the prices. Think Crimecraft could get the community to buy weapons for $25? I paid $10 one time for the School girl pack or whatever because I wanted the legwarmers. Take my money G1! Oh wait, they did....


Why didn't G1 allow the community to make APB more "moddable?" Why couldnt we have the chance to make a district, clothing, etc? The community is what keeps L4D2 alive, not Value. The community is what keeps APB alive still. G1 has done nothing of significance in this game for the PC players in almost 4 years. What evidence do you have that says G1 is putting effort into the game? As I showed you above, the launcher has news and updates from October and November? Why do you really believe they are putting effort into the PC version? They didn't even do an Easter Event. They have done so little events recently. The game is dying because they refuse to create new content or allow us to create the content for them.  


Instead G1 feed us lies about FairFight only catching cheaters and the engine upgrade that will be here soon.


It's a shame. I made the thread because I do love APB. It is my favorite game. It really saddens me that the population is just so dead on Jericho now and it's because G1 thinks they are going to hit it big with their xbox and ps4 releases. They did nothing to retain the players. 

#4473804 Playing the game when I want....

Posted by Reeses on 24 April 2017 - 12:15 AM

you just used PUBG as an example and then switched to L4D2. i was referring to PUBG.


anyways, i think the main point of this post is that apb is flawed. and we are all fully aware of that. just don't expect anything positive to come out of this.


I offered suggestions to make the game more positive. Sure I mentioned PUBG first and only switched to L4D2 when I was told that APB was "old" and I should expect low population in an "old" game. I showed you an "older" game that has more population than APB.


The suggestions I offered could maybe increase the population in the game. I can play any of the games I listed right now and expect to find a population. If I want to play APB and play Waterfront on Jericho right now it isn't an option. Want to play Dead Center versus on L4D2 from 2009 I can! 


I am showing you facts., I love APB as much if not more than anyone on this forum. I was falsely banned and still play this game because it is fun and unique. Is it too much to ask that I want to play in whatever district I want at whatever time of day I want? 


And really...explain why the launcher has information on it from the Obama administration? 

#4473795 Playing the game when I want....

Posted by Reeses on 23 April 2017 - 11:27 PM

i should have established that current APB player populations are nearing all time lows.


you're comparing a recently launched game to...APB? doesn't seem proper to compare does it?


i also never said anything about matchmkaing being fine. my point was that it would ruin matchmaking even more because of the pre-existing missions, varying threat levels, etc etc.


Again...since you're around right now....go look up how many are playing L4D2 right now. A game released in 2009. 


Who cares about matchmaking? It will never be perfect. You have to match with what is in the district. I dont care if I am gold 10 or bronze 1. I want to be able to push K and pew pew....don't you?


Screw it...I did it for you 




A game released 2 years before G1 got APB. What is your excuse now?


I am comparing a game released before APB and it is killing APB in population. Almost 5,000 people playing a game released in 2009 at 3:30AM ET. 


Those numbers above should be APB numbers. Nothing else is like APB. Yet, when you have a company that turns their back on the hand that feeds them it is game over. 




I have more pens and pencils in my home than APB has population at this moment. If you want me to take a pic of all the pens and pencils I have in my home I will :P

#4473793 Playing the game when I want....

Posted by Reeses on 23 April 2017 - 11:24 PM

5 years is quite a long time in gaming. You have to allow for population loss in most games over that sort of time period.


What crack are you smoking? Jericho is dead ok? Less than 200 players during non peak times. Good games and good companies retain players. That is the point of updating your game and such. The only reason the population is declining is because G1 decided to invest their time and money in consoles rather than the PC game. You really think if this game ran at a stable 120 fps and had a competent company running it the NA population would be 550 players during peak hours?


Go look at how many people are playing Left 4 Dead 2. Has over 10,000 players still and the game was released in 2009.


Are you a G1 employee?

#4473788 Playing the game when I want....

Posted by Reeses on 23 April 2017 - 10:56 PM

Considering there are a bunch of people who have paid money to play this game, we should be able to play it when we want. It sucks when you log on during "off hours" and the district you want to play in has no population. Let's face the facts here...district segregation has not helped player retention in the least. I suggest two things for Gamersfirst to do when they are not working on the console release and laughing at us while spending our money:


1. Get rid of the threat segregation. It isn't keeping player retention. There is no point in protecting the "noobs" anymore because they are quitting your game regardless.


2. Reduce the server instances from 40 v 40 to 35 v 35. This will allow more overflows servers to be created and people will join servers when the population looks more appealing rather than logging off and playing something else because they dont want to spam the only district they can play in. People quit your game rather than join a district whose population is 7 v 8.


I since I am on a roll right now I have a bonus suggestion. How about updating your damn launcher? Are you serious?




Your updates/latest news are in October and November? Is there a BOGO going on or not? Your launcher is talking about Halloween while I am planting May flowers. It is obvious the developers/GM do not log into this game because I cringe every time I see those dates.


This is just pathetic.



#4465331 Give us client-side Anticheat.

Posted by Reeses on 23 March 2017 - 01:18 PM



Uube will tell you the link above is a big conspiracy so that big hacker there can convince all the good honest people in APB he was legit. Like why would the guy go through all that effort to make that video if he was cheating? I have no clue who the guy is. Is he trying to save his reputation? Whatever. The dude is like plenty of others on FairFight bans....


- played the game


- didnt cheat


- played for 1000s of hours


- spent money


- FF'd banned


- Contact support and get a "Puck You" reply


I guess us all of closest cheaters should have come up with different stories and excuses at our monthly hack-a-fest meetings. 


Keep tweaking FF Tiggs, pretty soon you might even be a legit silver at the game.