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In Topic: Show me your Female character Eyes slider.

11 October 2017 - 06:29 PM

Here's some eyes from some of my female characters... 




Here's some more advice - I'd move all the sliders to the right first to see what exactly about the eye they change.  Then I'd start dragging the sliders to get a 'shape' you want.  You'll notice that the sliders all keep changing once you change one, but just ignore that; you have to kind of fight the sliders to get the shape you want.  Width, Softness, Uptilt, and Downtilt are the ones you usually will have to fight the most.

These eyes are lovely! you're right, it's the fighting thing with the sliders that kept bugging me off and made mine look terrible. Thank you for sharing ^_^



note, making a model that matches  in the open world is kinda story of its self, if you want a tip, dont use too much details on the sliders it looks terrible outside the creator mode


I didnt get the part until "self", but thank you for the tip. By details, you mean the ones in the "eye attributes" or "eye area details"?

In Topic: Show me your Female character Eyes slider.

11 October 2017 - 04:17 PM

Fairly old but if it will help.


Was watching a stream when i was making the video for someone else lol.

Thank you. You can safely remove the someone "else" now :D 


For the record, the "Lift" slider makes the eyes look pretty decent.  Also sometimes the brow shape of your character changes the eyes.

I will try that, thanks :D my favourite is brow shape number 3. Maybe it's not the best looking in game but ..

In Topic: CloudFlare making DDoS protection free for all.

30 September 2017 - 08:03 PM

What do you think DDoS Mitigation is? But that takes computing power away from the server, and to making sure every connection is legitimate. And when you are dealing with thousands to millions of connections a second (the DDoS and legitimate traffic), the server has to sort through all of those to make sure the connection is legitimate.... Per second.


This is why you have packet loss during mitigation. This is why you have lag during mitigation.


Even a denial is still the computer doing something to the offending connections.

You seem to know a thing or two about DDoS and mitigation. You taught me some things, at least. I wanted to ask, did you study this stuff?

In Topic: Cyrillic character names on Citadel? Is it intended?

23 September 2017 - 04:57 PM

This is completely ignorant.


1) you do not need to restrict Cyrillic or Asian scripts because you lack the ability to read or understand them.


2) In both Europe and America (and every country in the world) there exists whole communities who do not speak that countries native language comfortably.  Restricting their ability to use their native language, again because you lack the ability to read or understand said language, is egocentric.  There are plenty of Russian speaking players located in the United States and all over Europe who may play this game on their intended servers with a group of friends who also speak Russian.


3) an MMO is about playing with other players, but not necessarily having to communicate with all the players you are interacting with.  Players do not need the ability to read their opposition trash talk them, and not every player wants to read Team Mate A yell out orders to everyone while calling everyone "F*GGOT NOOB TRASH" because they just lost the game.


4) I've played this game since RTW ran it and have over 3k hours logged, it's very rare that I talk to my team mates, I just go in, kill the opposition and move on.  I think I've teamed with players maybe 5 times in the years of playing.  


Thinking you need to constantly communicate with your team mates to win or have fun and should block Cyrillic is very short sighted.  Not everyone speaks your servers dominate language and not everyone cares to speak to you in game.




If you are smart you do this with every player you report because the "I" and "l" look the same in game and people often use this to confuse players.

You can't be serious? Let's assume for a second you are, the cons of this decision far outweigh the pros you mentioned.

In Topic: Is it true APB has only 2 devs making the coding while the rest got "disb...

08 September 2017 - 01:57 AM

lol, you guys are unreal :D but it's true gamersfirst shot itself in the leg many times, but the way I see it it was with good intent, even if sometimes it backfired.



They released a new free car, tried to balance the weapons, balanced unfair VIP/THP spots and hard to access/exploited roofs. Added Asylum (but the beacon is love <3 ), added some small but convenient things (Nitro sound effect for instance), last year's community-suggested events with rewards, and tried to make things better by updating the netcode - even if I don't know what a netcode is but the name sounds fancy enough to mean something very relevant.