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here 3 kind of worst cheaters in APB

09 June 2017 - 05:26 AM

i dont want to talk much
this is just somthing you should know before you play APB
im not getting banned for cheatings anymore - i just post this because of im sick of it

here 3 kind of worst cheaters in APB

1. people who really do cheats or hack/coding by themself - they are rare - this group of cheaters has access to speedhack(the real one) they kill faster than regular cheaters
only way to beats them is luck+full rage cheaters team
nowdays i only see 2 - 4 of them on jericho server and they are BR 
they are not getting banned yet they rank 200+ as well(maybe because of they rarely online in a year and fairfight just random banned people who cheats)

2. people who use regular paid cheats but they use "cheat engine" to increase speed of game
"cheat engine" are NOT make them do damage faster
thier Aimbot just fast combine with low latency network - they become the beast of Close Quater Combat but worst accuracy for long range
this is kind of cheaters they talkmommy so much in district chat because they so sure that they can beats anyone
most of them never play alone they are coward anyway and most of them are HIGH RANK - MAX
rarely see some of them get banned(just like i said fairfight "just random banned" someone who use cheats "not banned everyone" who cheats)

3. stupid people who just buy cheats and think they are cool these kind of cheaters are getting patootie kick and banned often 
when they get rekt they will start crying - whisper thier opposite acussing anyone who kick thier patootie for cheatings
they refuse the fact that they just suck when using paid cheats
they feel sad that 15$ thier paid for aimbot/esp cant help them win this APB a 7 year old game anymore

i need auto abandonmission when random teammate is mommy player

24 May 2017 - 04:40 AM

can i have a blacklist for person that i dont like to play with?
a blacklist that automatic abandonmission or just completely not join mission with that name in blacklist anymore

im suffer from thoese dethreater who just ruin everything
they not even head up that they are not gonna play they just do it on purpose

it just like dethreatings/cheatings/trollings are allow in APB
look like they are not even scare that what they do is against TOS

and it take like an hour for them to dethreat from gold to silver . and some of them just worst they dethreat to bronze or green

imagine how long it gonna take for that

9/10 of mission someone must be dethreater . this is a pain for a simple player like me

carry silver is enough now i have to carry Dethreater and they just start jam shot at me or doing everything to help opposite team win when i tryharder to play the mission



Should i quit legit? i feel so bad when they cheats on me

06 April 2017 - 04:22 PM

im playing on jericho right now i really dont like dethreating

but im automatic silver anyway just accident gold sometime

playing in bronze district when i win 2-3 time the next mission must be cheaters opposite 100%

thoese coward cheaters who dethreating to avoid fairfight are group up

killing legit bronze-silver like we are an farming animal

we just play the match to feed them im sure fairfight is working but not on them

they just lose to dethreat when they gold and it just like they have right to cheatings in APB

im not blame fairfight it just a progam that set up to tracking player

human alway find out to aviod that and most cheaters are buy armas staff because they want to win there are no point to banned them for g1 when cheaters = money

so what i should do i like the game there still have some fun mission left for me

little hope i got here maybe i quit legit? and become just like them?

it not fun anymore when i totally  know they are using cheats to kill me over and over

:( i feel so bad today

Recomended silver people to bronze district stop trolling solo player please

01 April 2017 - 08:12 PM

5 year apb never change but now you just put every new player to feed all premade opposite in silver district

most new player are leave this game in 3 mission for the second time they are log in agian(the first time they just T)

Recomemded them to bronze district where are all chill gamer belong

Your matchmaking is hard enough to break good player who tryhard to beats the system

But hey carry new player is not our job there are a lot of people who play alone and want to make new friends too

nowday we just hate silver everyone cry on district chat "my teammate is moron / stupid" or maybe "my teammate need to uninstall the game"

come on man Lock gold in silver district is enough for the dead game

we are loyal buy your armas stuff why are you trolling USSSSSSSSSS!!

what is the best way to ragequit from mission when opposite already join

21 March 2017 - 07:50 PM

im sry doing ragequit to leave mommy teammate or mission that i dont like maybe wrong

but for me i just simpleman who got a job and just play the game for fun

most of time my random teammate are mommy and opposite are premade

so i findout how to ragequit and log in back faster here the solution

solution 0
ask team leader to kick you or ask someone request leader and kick you - sometime may not work if you equip very good weapon the team leader will troll you and force you to carry the entire team

solution 1
spam team chat until server kick - do this you can log in back faster but im not sure g1 will banned people from doing this or not

solution 2
Disconnect internet - do this you dont have to load the game agian you will be back to login screen in no time. only has to wait your router reconnect

solution 3
Suicide more than 5 time - do this take like 2 min before server kick

solution 4
the worst but very fun after you talk to team leader and he dont kick you
Genocide your entire team they dont see it coming you will be kick faster than other sulotion

good game how about g1 just let us legitquit please by /abandonmission  make it work when opposite already join