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Please, hear me out! Pretty please!

22 February 2017 - 07:22 AM

Hello, G1 and everyone!


I'm absolutely aware that you get a LOT of posts like this, but just because others are faking it, I'm not going to let this thing go, and I'll stick to my case. So, please, for everything that is holy, someone look into this! Everyone knows it's a false ban!


My younger brother (IGN: LegendaryRose) was banned yesterday upon entry, for ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! The email that was sent to him stated that the reason was in the category of Hack. I don't know if that means in-game or Armas hacking. I have no idea if such a thing even exists. So, my post is based on in-game hacking.


I'm aware I'm not the first one to claim that, but the dude doesn't even know how to install the game, I did it for him. We've been playing on and off for like 4-5 years, and I install his game every time something goes wrong with his machine.


We do NOT use cheats (He doesn't even know how they work, neither do I), do NOT even use third parties (He doesn't know what third parties are), and APB is the only game he plays.


I sent a ticket, from his account after it happened (Because again, he didn't know how to), I told him I did, but he thought it'd speed the process up if he sent another one on his own. I don't know if he managed to do it right. No idea if it made it to you. Sorry for that.


So, please, all I'm asking, is could anyone in here look into this? Tiggs? Please, don't just post that he was banned for whatever reason. We do NOT know how to cheat. We never intended to. We don't even play that much. We never expected this kind of treatment. Well, I did. I am sometimes mean to other people, but my brother doesn't even communicate with anyone. Just plays a couple of missions twice a week or something. I'd like to note that I'm the only that knows his password, so it wasn't stolen or anything. And I haven't been on his account for like a year or so.


Please, just for once, could you prove that you actually care about your legit players? PLEASE!


-Lee (IGN: HercuLEEz)