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How long without punkbuster?

26 August 2017 - 02:23 PM

I think almost a year? Then ask G1 what they were going to do to detect wallhack without an anticheat from the client side, yet there is nothing that can detect wallhack.
APB is totally released to use wallhacks, only an active GM tracking can realize, but we know that there is no activity.
So my question is, will APB remain free to use wallhacks? Until we can see videos like aimbot soft are not detected.
Now the typical walling silvers will come to say that there are no cheaters in APB, I am not accusing or judging by the ability to play of each, my question is simple, WILL WE FOLLOW WITHOUT ANTICHEAT FROM THE CUSTOMER'S SIDE? WILL IT CONTINUE "APB" UNABLE TO DETECT WALLHACK?
That is the only question, any other answer is to misrepresent the subject.

APB Land of cheats.

16 June 2017 - 08:53 AM

After years of playing APB, this is what you see today. An abandoned server, with no laws, no events, blatant cheaters, G1 flexibility about cheaters due to the sparse population, obsolete anticheat (everyone knows that FF is unable to detect wallhacks and the G1 team will not see it if the player knows how to disguise it ), The legit population declines as ESP is becoming more popular, I do not say it just me, it is spoken in hacking forums.
How long has it been since punkbuster was eliminated? The biggest problem in APB is the abuse of wallhacks, G1 must implement a third party anticheat URGENTLY, I think everyone agrees with BATTLEYE working together with FairFight and if necessary return to PunkBuster.
Surely players with macros and some other program will not like the idea with the argument of "false positives", but currently I do not recommend this game at all because it is a land of hacks, and I find myself in the search for some alternative game to APB .
I am not silver, I am not new, I usually do many MVP, I have many years in APB, I was cheater and I know what I am talking about, if you want to go find out against cheaters abstain from commenting and follow up with your cheats.

Tiggs. Boost fair play. Punishing hackers, rewarding legit players.

03 May 2017 - 08:52 PM

Because G1 antihacks are not effective at all, a "non-invasive" solution is necessary.
With this idea, hacking players would receive a non-invasive punishment (keep the population), and legit players would get a reward (I'm not talking about anything free), while the G1 team would see an increase in purchases of premium packages in APB and Other items.
- When a hacker receives the first warning that he is hacking, he would remove from his equipment the most expensive item he owns (example: a car, legendary weapon ...), if he continues with the use of cheats, goodbye his account.
-When a player reaches the max rank, just at that moment you can use cars like the nulander pionner, seiyo, 4x4 vegas, concussion grenades, low-yield.
This way the population will try to maintain their account and will be a problem reroll for using hacks.
G1 will see an increase in its premium packages to reach more quickly the max rank, an increase in the purchase of items (in case of losing auto-deleted items for first hack warning)
Districts will see real change. And non-invasive in the amount of population.
I know that people checking hacks or accustomed to losing their accounts will not agree, but legit players do. Also acclaim the max rank is easy with premium, keep playing fair will be the challenge.
It is extremely necessary that keeping legit in the max rank has a real and non-invasive value in population numbers.

Full of cheats again. Idea to drive fair play.

27 April 2017 - 02:55 PM

In view of the unstoppable increase in cheats, with Fairfight allowing large stream of cheats and without a third-party anticheat G1 should consider a way to drive fair play like the next.
Some items are equipables with at least rank 195, but it is a rank very easy to reach, and also can be reached very easily using hacks without being detected by FairFight (using ESP sneaky, etc). Then old players tend to quit the game or resort to hacks as you can see for yourselves on FFbans.org and start the cycle of new low-ranking hacks accounts.
The idea is to implement equipment rank 255, which provide real benefits, such as Seiyo, nulander pionner, concussion pomegranates, low-yield (examples) and prevent the flow of items between accounts hacks (untradeable). In this way G1 would benefit from the purchase of premium packages to reach the highest speed and the community should maintain their accounts, this would give a big boost to fair play.
I know that many players will not agree because they are accustomed to lose their accounts or exchange items with low rank accounts, but it is very easy to reach the 255 rank, it only takes time and keep playing.

Autoit and autohotkey

14 February 2017 - 11:16 AM

Because we are still without punkbuster, I wonder: any solution? I see people using scripts. EXAMPLE, (AND THAT IS ONLY AN EXAMPLE), ntec scripts.



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1-ntec script is just an example, as I could have written any other script or event.
2-I see people using scripts"."(here is a point)(With this I mean that some scripts are known public and others not so much, but anyway I have accounts in forums hackers, contacts and I can program them)
3-All this was already explained in comments but I explain again here because maybe it is a lot of work to understand a single line, and much more work read 1 page of comments.
4- Try to read the title.
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