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In Topic: i want to know why you still playing APB

24 May 2017 - 08:08 AM


3. social district drama



"I got scammed what do i do?"
"contact support"
"will they help me?"

Every social district in a nutshell.


So.. I keep playing because of the customization options, and by the fact that the game is basically "free roam". Fight clubs aren't just deathmatches :
- Team A won! Loading screen!! Next map!!! Play again!!!!

In APB fight clubs never stop, people leave, people join, it's just unique in it's own way, i love it.


Mission district are the main reason why i play: the idea of Crim vs Enf is appealing to me. I find myself a group, i see players wearing awesome outfits, we go into missions that always feel different, and yet they are ALWAYS the same. I just don't understand why but i can't get bored of APB (i take long pauses very often though , pretty much everytime a new game comes out).


EDIT: Nobody should stop playing until you can see the engine update with your own eyes. I mean i waited so much for it. Not gonna stop NOW that it's done


In Topic: STAR LCR 'Old Glory' ?

24 May 2017 - 07:58 AM

It makes me really sad to see something like this honestly.. it proves that the in-game support doesn't care for the players.

I mean.. why do they do this though? It's just like the "Create us a logo for the new Event" thing. They didn't offer ANY prize to the winner, just asked players to do something.


They will NEVER ever gift  or offer you a discount on anything because this is how G1 works apparently, which is (excuse my word) disgusting. It's like money is everything they care about.


(sorry if i appear to be rude towards G1, but they always allowed us to upgrade ANYTHING from character to account, but they didn't allow it for this weapon just because they didn't put both buying options at the same time at the beginning.. it feels really wierd)

In Topic: About that latest patch

19 May 2017 - 02:09 AM

You talking about that patch notes pop up after you login?  Don't worry about that, its about 2 years old I think.  There hasn't been an actual patch for months now.

Hum.. i guess so then..  :Wat: the game totally felt different to me yesterday though , i don't know why. Oh well, back to waiting then. Thank you all of the answers

In Topic: Dear Tiggs

27 February 2017 - 04:17 PM

You forgot to add a little suggestion: Upgrade the damn engine!

I know for sure at least 5 guys that would LOVE to play this game, but everytime they start playing they get 10 FPS and get bored quickly.

The problem is what G1 thinks about those people : "Oh.. He can't even afford buying a good computer, he surely can't afford spending money on my game, i don't need him".

Please.. Upgrade the engine and do some advertisement for the game. That alone would improve the population by ~15%. Many people want to play but really CAN'T, and many players just get bored of going 30-40 fps when they can safely reach 60 on GTA V online somehow!


I really don't want this game to die, and i feel like your ideas are great, expecially the small "kick" system. 

In Topic: Future of the game

06 December 2016 - 05:25 AM

if you seriously wanted to know something you could've used the searchfunction or google


I often take a pause from this game, i remember of reading about the Engine update and PS4 / Xbox One release, but that was long ago and i thought that was already in the game, sorry.

All i wanted was to make sure that the game didnĀ“t lose its developers and that they still care for the game! thanks for all the answers <3