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Are random FF bans a thing?

26 October 2016 - 04:02 AM

I'm not trying to start a war or something, but some people that i know got banned, that's normal, people makes wrong decisions and got punished, BUT (and that a big BIG BUT) one person in particular got my attention in special. A player that was born deaf, and now you might be asking my,"why do i care if he was born deaf?", well, since you guys know education in Brazil it's terrible, and will only be good to pay particular Schools, and it's even worse when we're talking about Special Education, because is even less accessible, but without getting out of the topic, what i'm trying to say is, the guy is deaf, don't know how to read/write, so how he was even going to search for a cheating tool?

And the weirdest part is, he was banned in his first ever G1 login, he created his account, migrated his characters, logged in and BOOM, rekt by FF


So i'll leave my question here, Does FF makes random bans?


Like i said, i'm not trying to start flamming or something, i just want to fully understand what is going on.