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#4469689 22 April crafters market 2017

Posted by falloutkillerc on 09 April 2017 - 12:32 AM

All clones of any kind is welcome to join the  Aprils crafteters market. lvl 1 to 55 all factions


time  and place:

22 april 2017

the pvp area on top of old kingman ,Coords are 4128139, 3737616 +/-

21:00 CAT ( central africa time ) UTC +2:00




drag racing

lotto draw

Boxing ( no armor)

dune bug derby( bring own killer buggy,ammo will be given for event players) 

best male and female costumes

best mount/vehicle display.

pvp events for lvl 45 to 55 :best with rifle,shotgun,2 hand use melee and duel hand melee , pistole


insta tables will be able for you crafters out there ,

there are low space for farms so if want to set up farm be early .



any donations are welcome of any kind to help the event on,

if want to help with event contact me also (falloutkillerc)


if any one knows a web radio DJ plz contact me for a bit of fun and sports.


bring stuff to sell and trade it is a market after all ;D.help out a clone today by helping low level players and supporting them by buying there stuff.


Lets have a little bit of old Fallen earth history fun ;D