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#4401093 Buffs and Nerds

Posted by Vazkulator on 01 September 2016 - 09:49 AM

too amny muscles isn't good either, and it makes you mostlikely also less stamina in many cases because those msucles drain way more energy, or have you ever seen a huilk in the running sports?


there is no need to ever go to a gym, sry but thats for eithe rlazy people with a alck of self motivation or people who need that extra thing of social contact or whatever the gym gives them. Humans didn't evolve around gyms. they adopted to nature and you can naturally trian all your msucles quite well, and more is not necessarily better, it is just different. Have you ever wondered why most fzuriture movement workers are not big hulks of msucles? because their muscles aren't able to do the job because of the energy consumption. Most of these people I met are rather wiry guys.

this is the most overused lie ever and mostly used by people who doesnt know how to build muscle with a decent amount of knowledge in nutrition and you cant get more muscles, you only get more muscle mass. If youre actually struggling with stamina then you should do more cardio, it really is that simple and yes more muscles will burn a ton of calories but drain your energy?


if ive seen the hulk in running sports? try looking at the biggest american football players available which are sprinting pretty damn well.

im not sure how you base your argument around gyms to be a social interraction, if youre going to the gym to make friends then youre doing it wrong, how you managed to justify avoiding the gym would be for lazy people or people with bad "self motivation" ? i have nooooo idea ? thats just absurd.


if we adapted the way of pushing ourselves to the max only in the gym, im not sure if we were actually far more developed by our health and physiques in the past when you had to go up early every morning to work the farm to make sure you arent dying OR if we're actually increasing our strength better by spending one lousy hour a day at the gym?

#4364610 A proud feminist.

Posted by Vazkulator on 14 June 2016 - 04:33 PM

Come now, there is absolutely no need to go down with name calling.

But talking about sources here goes.



A piece on why the gap is bogus and they provide the necessary sources for the piece.


Well the movie is so short I should say just watch it and make anything you want out of it.



Article and a video attached to it why woman make more money in tech.


Personal taught, this kinda goes in the supply and demand if you ask me.

Since there are not many woman in tech and they are very much willed in tech the pay for woman rises above that of men. 



Kinda same story as previous if you ask me. :P


Just to remind, if you don't trust my sources it's better to look more closely instead of throwing it away in the trash bin.



That actually kinda proofs my point that a lot of variables are not accounted for so I make a summary of my critique on figure 1 to 10.


Figure 1 and 2: Does not provide what field they are in and even in those fields you have all kinds of jobs that range from lower to higher pay.

so low paying and high paying fields mashed up together and we know that woman generally go in fields that are less paid.

Also they provide full-time but that is a broad thing since if I'm correctly in the USA 35 hours and above is full-time, men generally work more full-time then woman.


Figure 3 and 4: Goes into what majors the sexes choose and you see here perfectly that woman generally go into less paying fields then men.

I actually don't see a big problem in these figures it's pretty clear to me although they prolly could go deeper in each field but honestly I don't know on how broad these majors can be in university or college.


Figure 5: So to start with something positive I do like that they are broader here then figure 1 and 2 so far.

But I also have kind of the same critique as 1 and 2 since full-time is not specified here and the jobs specifically are not shown which is important in this figure.


Figure 6: is pretty clear, woman work less full-time and more par-time.

I don't have any critique here.


Figure 7: same critique I had in figure 3 and 4.


Figure 8: good that they have broaden the horizon here but still full-time is still way to vague, the positions in these fields can be quite important as well.

But my question would be: are these positions in these fields with no significant difference with pay not diverse enough, like talking about higher paid positions and lower paid?

If someone could answer because I don't know this.


Figure 9: This actually pisses me off, they had some better statistics but somehow had the feel to mash-up ALL fields together into 1.

Yeah it does finally talk specifics on hours but dropped all the different fields which is quite important mind you!


Figure 10: Mashing up everything here too look at my other critiques on this. 





Well I find that we could drop the name calling stuff but just to say 5+5=34 would be wrong even if you would claim that this is your opinion.

We do know that 5+5=10 and the best way to do it is explain that that's the case. :P

It might be a bit to much going to dumb down my point here but that should make my point extra clear in the more complex subjects. :)


good summary^

anyway, its unavoidable to be receiving insults when you disagree with a feminist so being called stupid over and over because they cant back up their own arguments is just unfortunate.


its got so out of hand with how good weve got it equaly since we arent able to shrug simple things off

if you have sex with a girl while shes drunk, youre likely to be thrown in jail because yea, go equality.

we see these enormous gaps in having the priviledge of more easily getting into a university and companies follow the feminist pill.


simply the good will produced its fruit and left uncontrolled for too long that its just getting completely rotten

there was a time when you would just shrug things off with saying for yourself "women be crazy" and move on

today youve got to be real considerate because women are going to be crazy as hell and ruin your life if you arent careful.

#4364284 A proud feminist.

Posted by Vazkulator on 14 June 2016 - 05:59 AM


it doesnt matter in the slightest what you say,

just say it like you mean well and use words that doesnt make any damn sense at all as you fact claim whatever you want without providing a single source when youve mentioned that there are many.


the only truth i can really fact claim without actually backing it up with a single source is that weve got it so good and equal amongst genders that anyone seems to believe that their opinions values more highly than what 10 scientists would agree on together within closed doors.


everyones opinions matters but it doesnt mean that youre always right, you cant fact claim without providing a source and doing so while youve spoken of several different studies already and yet failing to delivering a single one? whats wrong with you ?

#4364274 A proud feminist.

Posted by Vazkulator on 14 June 2016 - 05:43 AM


Problem lies in inability of "men" to cope with the ?fact? a "woman" probably would be at least equally good if not better at the positions which were and still are reserved for men exclusively, thanks to their (un)conscious bias. I am not a person who takes studies for granted because of variables those come with, but not just one, we are talking here about many which conclude with the same findings - women have what it takes to succeed in business, ambition, interest, education and skill wise and women are better suited for business success in terms of (????communication, interpersonal and organizational skills???)HAHAHA. Undeniable ?fact? is women (never got their chance to prove themselves):oh my!?. However that is something what is going to change sooner or later. Men can always go back to Middle Ages methods and to ???witch-hunt?? if it turns out we are doing some things even better.

Currently it is really hard for women to rise to the top because there is too much power in the hands of men and the masculine perspective, and women need to sacrifice a lot of their feminine qualities such as compassion, intuition and emotions and overcome rest obstacles - lack of opportunities and mentoring in the business world men have, family duties and constrains (being a mother is the full time job with over-hours) and lack of encouragement to get into harsh men's business world and remain there. However I blame the current business model (especially thanks to current economy and political systems) and honestly believe once when the numbers of women taking some serious model and principle changing positions in the business world won't be so drastically out of proportion with men, world will start to realize all mistakes which have been made and which we are still making and that's why I consider the last part of your sentence pretty much crucial to this problem - "because woman generally take a different route then man would"; they surely would and I feel it would be the better way, maybe not better for the individuals hungry for power and wealth, but rather for the whole system, hence humanity.  

Sheesh, what an exhausting topic, next time Eisena, could you please make a thread related to ummm... well I do not know, best it would be not to create any threads ^^


you sir, totally nuts 24/7.

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Posted by Vazkulator on 13 June 2016 - 11:43 PM

I only skimmed it TBH, it was just the first example of something I found that addressed several things people in this thread saying were never addressed in this type of research. I'm sure there are better papers, but there are hundreds of papers on the subject that go in to various degrees of detail about hours worked, prior experience, education, competence, and other factors that can effect pay. Nothing in social science can ever go in to 100% detail because you can't have a 100% controlled experiment if humans are the subject, but there have been plenty of well done studies on the topic and denying there has been is just ignorant.

hm no there arent, we simply tend to choose different paths in life as a majority between male and women


- women usually rather spend time with the kids if it is to be decided between partners.

- men usually decides to work longer overtime while, yet it is true that women are often forced to work two jobs to get by(still that doesnt count men out of it)


we are just so different, men are stronger and by which nature and biology makes us better workforce at a focused target.

Women will register more details/objects around us which explains a lot about hormonal response with sudden outburst of feelings making them more emotionally alert. obviously we will deploy a better workhorse if we worked together with our strong points together as our differences both are positive attributes.


and yet again you sum up your message with "if you dont agree with me, then youre ignorant"

typical social justice warrior behaviour

#4363450 E3 2016

Posted by Vazkulator on 12 June 2016 - 01:28 PM

New warframe? Is it an update or new game? I still have a Frost prime set.

the coming updates has been given some major promises to change the game for the better as well as a lot of new stuff, something exclusive shown at E3 was promised

#4308106 ANIME!

Posted by Vazkulator on 28 February 2016 - 07:52 AM

Fairy Tail Zero English dub.

I can't stand Japanese anymore unless the anime is SO good.

some animes just cant kick it with japanese voices

some animes are 10 times better done in english

#4294611 Current TV shows watching/ In-to(NO SPOILERS)

Posted by Vazkulator on 04 February 2016 - 12:07 PM

Im waiting for the 4th season of Vikings, also gonna start watching House of cards next week

cant wait for the new season, lagertha best waifu