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In Topic: Fair Matchmaking PLEASE

Today, 12:58 PM


In Topic: RP, most people see this as the biggest sale of the year. . . soooo. . .

Today, 05:33 AM

they are old, you know, and it's always hard for them

I like salute gifs. A lot!!!



On topic. I like my LCR, and I wouldn't mind it being available for others to buy.

In Topic: So, no armas reduction or G1C bonus for christmas or december ?

Today, 03:13 AM

ARMAS discount? Yes.

G1C bonus? Yes.


For Christmas or December? No - for nauw.

In Topic: 1 day GM in apb reloaded.

Yesterday, 06:37 AM

... end up giving handjobs for cash behind the local quickie mart... no thanks.

The way you say it almost makes it sound like a bad thing...


In Topic: 1 day GM in apb reloaded.

Yesterday, 12:13 AM

24 hour teamkill event.