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#4490271 D i s t u r b e d ...(Crim Clan )

Posted by dAnG3rGirL on 20 July 2017 - 01:28 AM

Lis <3 


hope you will get this issue solve faster we all miss you bro :)


and our doors for more good/friendly peoples are welcome to PM me or our officers as well 

best is to go to our clan website and fill an application for faster process :)  http://apbdisturbedc...ral-discussion/


thanks , see you all in the battlefield  

#4489743 time for changes (Important )

Posted by dAnG3rGirL on 17 July 2017 - 03:18 AM

hi there everyone .

like the title say and i will explain how much change WE need to do !


im playing this game about 7 years and i love this game and also the peoples that in this game 

over the years i saw a lot changes that g1 did and im bless on that .

there is a long list how much G1 DO and im not going to list all of them here .

but 7 years this game are live from RTW .....

7 years ....u can imagine how much hard work is to handle all this ? 



in this 7 years when the game was very popular there was a lot peoples that bless how g1 doing great job 

they fix a lot of bugs 

they bring new contacts ( yes before years but they did ) 

they handle the servers for years now and its not that easy  

they give you all every holiday free codes

they i see trying to listen to every report  and belive me im sure there a lot of them 

they create great events 

and i didn't saw in any game a GMs that was so active in the game like they used to be 

there a lot more that g1 do and doing still for the PLAYERS 

they bring new things ot armas and THAT ...THAT the important thing !!




in the start the players was buying and support the game 

slowly slowly they start to blame G1 for any tiny thing in the game 

and in the last goal i have heard for long time they trying to "punish" g1 but NOT buying anything from armas 


and from this point i saw from the side how the rock rolling down and take us with him 



let me explain how much OUR Fault as players of the game how much the blame also come to us !

how much this few days of lags and all the unplayable days also our fault !



in the nature of the cosmos all work by basically of the way of giving 

u give and get what you give 

we the humans always love to TAKE and rarely we GIVING cos we really want to GIVE 

also a lot dont understand another way of miser - a miser is someone that NOT allow to other to GIVE him something cos some manners or some self respect ...


look at the whole forum most of it its peoples that coming and blame g1 so much for every single thing


did anyone of you asking WHAT WE DID FOR THE GAME AS WELL ?

what we did to help to made the game to stay a live ?

cos if there is not WE there no game


things need to be change and changes always and i meant ALWAYS become by action !! no words ! action !

its time to get UNIT WITH G1 TOGETHER !!

are anyone of you really did something to support the game for real ? 

did anyone of us really open a ticket to g1 and ask or even try to talk with a GM without to blame him and ask HOW I CAN HELP TO MADE THE GAME TO BE AGAIN WHAT IT WAS ?! 


for start lets not forget its FREE TO PLAY GAME 

free to play game its like let say like a radio station 

radio stations are only earning by Advertisements... they put on so the peoples that rent air time to put some Advertisements 

that the only way radio stations earning 

free to play game earning only by peoples that buying from armas 

by that they start to support the game they love 

by doing so g1 can earning money and handle the servers and doing a lot more for US in the game 

but again ....remember a lot trying to "punish" g1 by NOT doing so ....

in that way you punish not only g1 ( that its not they fault the game like this ) 

you punish yourself by NOt support the game you love and help the g1 to earning enough to handle the game 

its hard to handle an online game its need a lot peoples 

and this company small or big somehow trying to earning from the game and in the mean time to handle it and creating more and more things to the game.


belive me if we will start to support the game by buying things u will see after a time changes 


there another thing that we can blame our selfs

its call support cheaters .....

yea this game as we all know  have a lot cheaters and thats ok i guess cos so far i saw in any games some cheaters 

but not in any games like in apb ....

but we the players that know to play for years can handle them sometimes but as u all know they are annoying and ruin the game 

special for new players that coming to try the game .

but in someway its our fault we have alot cheaters cos in someway i saw peoples give so much attention to them and give them a big place to feel like they are gods while actually they are who that ruin YOUR OWN GAME YOU LOVE .


i see it by NOT KICKING CHEATERS FROM MISSIONS cos " they this guy can give me ez win " 


i see it by even support them in donations twitch  ( well that your own choice ) - ( why not support the game not the cheaters )


there also another way i see peoples really destroying the game by dethreat!!

there players that dethreat and going from golds to dethreat to bronze or even green 

and like this trying ruin for new comers to the game the chance to even love the game or understand him 

this "players " in my opinion need to get at least 2 weeks ban as punish of abused the game in extreme way or ruin it 


if we want apb to keep by a live and even popular again we need to start to be united with g1 

to start to help to g1 , to help good players , to new players , to buy things from armas , and more and more 


everything can start from the thinking of : ok what i will DO to make apb to be better . and DO it 


1) buying from armas to support the game and help g1 to earning enough to help US ( remember ? its like radio station ) 

2) kicking cheaters from missions and report them ( and you know you can kick them there ways to do it ) 

3) dont follow cheaters in twitch and give them any attention anymore 

4) punish cheaters and dethreat players by kicking them from your clans and warning them dethreat you going to report him by abusing the game and ruin YOUR OWN GAME .

5) stop creating hate things in the apb forum about how you hate or have negative  minds about g1 

and replace them in good positive minds of how we can help , and actually we thankful they trying to do something while no one really of us do 

6)  remember the law of the universe - giving ...if you give you get what you give

7) stop the hate between players and start to be united so peoples will have really good place and game to play special for new players that coming 



the powers also in our hands so lets start DO and do action them crying and blaming g1 

i hope this will start to let you open your eyes and minds and bring you all to do the CHANGES !!


love you all