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Hey, I'm Drew Harrison and I'm a 21 year old, slightly above average skilled gamer. I am the leader of the clan, [GTRW] "Gamers To Reckon With". Surprisingly, I'm also a very outdoor oriented person. I love outdoor recreation like camping, kayaking, biking, etc. However, when I'm not doing those things, I'm usually gaming. 
Here is a breakdown of my gamertag and it's origin. OUTdoor, as in my lifestyle. DREW, my name, duh. Which together also make OUTDREW, as in with a gun or knife, to outdo or best someone in combat. My symbol is based off the symbol from my favorite band, Breaking Benjamin. The difference is that it is made up of "D"s instead of "B"s.
My game genre is pretty much just shooters and I prefer TPS to FPS but still love both. I stick mostly with MMO games but I do like a good story in a single player. Science Fiction gets bonus points because it's awesome. 
My play style involves speed and agility for a very run and gun style, but in a silent or sneaky way, so that I'm in and out before players know what hit them. I use guerilla style tactics to get my kills such as intense flanking, clever diversions, and patiently camping and stamping (A tactic involving hiding until a victim passes. Then moving to a different spot after each kill.). 
My arsenal consists of using close range weapons, usually sub-machine guns and always the p90 if it's available in a game. I choose ones with accuracy and firerate over damage. I sometimes have a powerful sidearm for medium range sniping unless a sniper is avalible as a secondary. Also, I'm a bit of a knife hor (Similar to mommy, but meaning overuseage.) and love humiliating players with a knife. I will go out of my way and tail people for ages just to get a knife kill. 
Even though I mostly use "spray and pray" weapons, I do often use sights. Even when I don't I still "aim" at my target. The problem with most sub-machine gun users is how they skill-lessly spray the weapon back and forth until the get a luck kill. My OCD forces me to spend a lot of time fine tuning my game sensitivity, so that I track my targets without missing or having to spray my gun too often. So that is the difference between me and others who choose to live by the sub-machine guns.

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