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In Topic: |HIGH| Unlink GameFirst Account from Steam?

15 August 2017 - 08:18 AM

You know other players on the forums aren't able to assist you.   You're not providing the information that is needed by support and the information you do provide is wrong.  Until you're able to prove ownership, support will not remove the link to Steam.  You or someone with access to your account linked to Steam, we have no way to just link accounts.    Also, no one stopped answering you, there are many responses going back and forth and you have many tickets open on various subjects. 

In Topic: Citadel under attack again?

13 August 2017 - 08:23 AM

Sorry for the late response, the sysadmins are working on mitigating the attacks.  

In Topic: The Battle agains Mods

11 August 2017 - 10:32 AM



i have so many friends in apb. Some of them are stupit and some of them try to help to get a better APB.



I remember the time where you unban all HACKERS... da f**k. But dosent matter now.



I just want that you unbann all forum members. The mods here abusing their power.


A friend just posted a pic, get 3 waring and ban instand. the hell ?!?  Was a screenshot from apb.



Maybe i get banned from forum too. Becouse a mod cant deal with me aswell.  They should go online and ban active hackers there and not forum members.


But wait. Maybe they ban all legits there.



End this power abusing battle.



The rules are posted at the top of the forum, if you break them you'll be actioned.  FYI: We know who you are, your forum names are all linked :P

In Topic: @Tiggs Honest questions...

10 August 2017 - 02:53 PM

Well did at least the /report went thru if not that's just slap in the face :(


Yes /reports were working. 

In Topic: @Tiggs Honest questions...

10 August 2017 - 11:56 AM

This is exactly it. If there had been a forum post, a tweet, and a blog post announcing that bans were not being fed properly, then fair enough.


We would never make a blog or forum post stating that there is issues with Fairfight. That would just invite more dishonest players.