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In Topic: A graph that shows precisely when APB died

Today, 05:34 PM

The way this thread is going, pretty sure it's going to lead to being closed. Especially with some posts being deleted. Swept under the rug like everything else said here. Then the silence continues for another few months until someone makes some noise. Rinse repeat engine update 2019. Also, everyone here knows about the other thing being made...


We're not sweeping anything under the rug, when posts are against our rules they are removed. 

In Topic: A graph that shows precisely when APB died

Today, 05:33 PM

And if you would really care why did you stop with the regular server maintenance? Is there any reason why, if you are still caring for the game, you weren't able to do regular routine maintenance on the servers in 2 months now? Is that interfering with your work here so much?


What are you talking about no server maintenance? We do maintenance on all platforms every Wednesday at 4 AM CST which is 9 AM UTC.  

In Topic: A graph that shows precisely when APB died

Today, 04:04 PM

Has the thought ever crossed your mind that they haven't really done anything in 5 years that could deserve praise and "being good enough for us"? Like regular maintenance is par for the course if you ask me, but what apart from FairFight (which was well received in it's initial institution) is there that you could give them credit for? The long overdue and purely forced retirement of PunkBuster services? The "analysis of matchmaking data" on Open Conflict that is still going to this date, 4 years after being engaged for the first time? New Armas stuff? The servers that are now lagging worse than before? Do you think the community would help them stress test servers so willingly if they hated anything that G1 does anyway? Or do you mean cookie cutter support template answers that mostly leave you stranded with your issues? Do you mean the fishy story about charge backs for KTTC packs and the fact that they effectively are holding accounts hostage to this day through this unjust ban wave instead of counting their losses? (They also hold my account hostage and I refuse to pay them anything until I see a sound reason why this game isn't gonna die in the next 12 months.)
Please, elaborate what the developers deserved praise for. 
They ALWAYS got overwhelmingly positive feedback for progress threads on the new engine, and those were just prototype builds. They released the engine for the consoles and got deservedly negative feedback, the launch was horrendous, the game was terrible, performance-starved, unoptimized garbage (and still is to this day). Sorry but I don't see what you could potentially hold up as being "caring for the community". 

I kind of have to disagree with you here on this one.
I guess we basically gave the APB devs a free ticket to do absolutely nothing for a year. If we would have voted on regular content we would be at the exact same point we would be now but at least a few bugs would have been ironed out. They wouldn't have persisted to drive APB further into a pit by not giving us ANYTHING for an entire year, they would have to care for the game and a week without a patch would be a week where a general community uproar would be felt. 
Instead the community wanted to riot when they stopped with the maintenance and excused it with the vote and the engine upgrade "around the corner". It became an excuse for everything rather than an obligation to fulfill. And if you give the devs too much leeway on the community side, well, things like the current status of the game will happen.


You have many conspiracy theories going on in that post.   I'm going to point out your account is banned legally for the KTTC chargebacks.  When you purchase from a 3rd party site, that's the risk you take.  The pack wasn't purchased since the chargeback was made on the purchased items, so I guess technically you can say you were scammed. Does this mean we should just say, oh no problem keep playing with the items not paid for. No, sorry, this is why games have Terms Of Service and Code of conducts. 



You can go back and forth on what needs to be done, or what should be done.... yes we know.  We see it on the forums, we see it in emails, Tweets, and Facebook posts. You forget that this is a company, and when we're able to provide you with more information, you'll get it. Until then, as I have said many times before, when we're able to provide you with more information, it'll be posted.   Oh and yes, TechMech is still my boss and with the company. Not sure why you think he's gone. 




In Topic: Just reboot the servers already

Today, 01:38 PM

This should now be resolved. 

In Topic: Just reboot the servers already

Today, 01:25 PM

We're reached out to our network provider to look into this further. This isn't DDOS related but a network issue.