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#1912302 Hummers, not the one your father gets you when you turn 18

Posted by Natalia on 15 August 2011 - 05:57 PM

I'm for this, but only if there's a customizable version.

#1823166 List of clothing requests

Posted by Natalia on 25 July 2011 - 01:27 PM

First Post Updated. Note: Already had kilts listed.


Tusken raiders are outlaws, too.


#1775624 List of clothing requests

Posted by Natalia on 14 July 2011 - 08:18 AM

Since when will obnoxious people stop suggesting trench coats and high heels? They are not in the game because of technical issues.

Technical issues which can be resolved with the right effort. Again, not a priority, but that doesn't mean it'll never happen.

EDIT: Added above suggestions to the first post.

#1775264 List of clothing requests

Posted by Natalia on 14 July 2011 - 06:56 AM

As I'm no longer playing APB:R, I will no longer be updating this thread [...] If someone capable of editing my post feels like it, they are welcome to take over updating.

I think it's fair to say that most players would like to see new clothing added to the game. While we know there are priorities, and this is probably not one of them, it's still an idea for the back burner. This list contains ideas from this thread as wells as ideas from other threads, namely this thread, this thread and this thread.

You are welcome to suggest additions to this list, and I will add them as time allows, but keep the following in mind: (1) Check, double check, and triple check the list to make sure you're not suggesting something that is already on the list. (2) For unique, rare, or otherwise unusual items, a picture is often requested, so post one. (3) If I make a mistake, send a PM, and I will correct it. (4) While I include clothing-based feature requests, I don't include bug reports, so post those in the proper forum.

  • Hats/Helmets
    • Alucard's Hat
    • Ancient Roman Helmet
    • Beanie, Longer ("Kinda saggy but up")
    • Beer Cap
    • Bowler Hat
    • Campaign (Drill Sgt) Hat
    • Fez
    • Flexfit Style Hat, Backwards ("That isn't crooked")
    • Flexfit style hat, Forwards
    • Football Helmet
    • Forage-cap
    • Forward-facing flat-peaks (hat)
    • Gladiator Helmet (Specifically This)
    • Hard Hat
    • Joe's Hat
    • John Marston's Hat
    • Leather Aviator's Helmet
    • Military/SWAT helmet (goggles on them, option)
    • Mirror That Doctors Wear on Their Heads
    • Mop Cap
    • Newsie Cap
    • Nurse Hat
    • Peaked Cap
    • Panama Hat
    • Pirate Hats
    • Santa Hat
    • Sombrero
    • Straw Hat
    • Top Hat
    • Viking Helmet
    • WW2 Helmets
  • Eye wear
    • Contact Lenses, Customizable and Blackout
    • Eyeglasses, Round/Square Lenses
    • Eye Patch
    • Goggles
    • Monocles, traditional and otherwise
    • Night Vision Goggles
    • Oakley Glasses
    • Sunglasses, Reflective (Aviators and other styles)
    • Shutter Shades
    • Sunglasses, Sport (This Style)
  • Masks/Scarves/Wraps
    • Balaclavas/Ski Mask
    • Ballistics Mask
    • Desert Scarf (customizable)
    • Face wrap
    • Fighter Pilot Helmet
    • Gas Mask
    • Head Wrap
    • Hockey Mask, Customizable
    • Motorcycle Helmet (Partial and Full)
    • Ninja Mask
    • Paint Ball Mask
    • Shemagh
    • Welders Mask
  • Other
    • Bunny Ears
    • Cat Ears
    • Cigar
    • Headband, "Rambo Style"
    • Headphones (Around neck) and Ear Buds

  • Coats/Jackets
    • Bath Robes
    • Bombardier Jacket, Leather w/Wool Lining
    • Cardigan (Basic, Drap3, Shawl Neck, Sleeveless)
    • Denim Jacket
    • Feathered coats
    • Hoodies, Bigger/Baggier/Hood Down for Males/Zipped/Unzipped
    • Lab coat
    • Leather Waistcoats
    • Letterman/Varsity Jacket
    • Pea Coat
    • Poncho
    • Puffer Jacket
    • Snowboarding Jackets
    • Trench coats
    • Windbreaker jackets
  • Shirts/Vests
    • Blouse, Rolled Up sleeves/Short Sleeves/Buttoned/Unbuttoned/Tied in Front
    • Gilet
    • Polo shirt
    • Suit and Sweater vests
    • Sweaters (V-Neck, Crewneck, Shawl Collar, et cetera)
    • T-Shirt, shredded
    • Turtle Necks for males
    • Vest, Bubble (Marty McFly Style)
    • Vest, Leather
  • Other

  • Pants
    • Jeans, Baggy/Sagging/Tight/One Leg Rolled Up/Lower On Hips (Females)/Skinny Without Being Skintight (Males)
    • Jean Capris
    • Shorts of varrying lengths.
    • Vinyl pants for men
  • Skirts
    • Charlotte Bloodrose's skirt
    • Full-length skirt
    • Kilts for males and females
  • Other
    • Chaps
    • Hakamas

  • Shoes/Boots
    • Ankle/Calf Boots (Females)
    • Basketball shoes
    • Biker Boots
    • Converse Shoes
    • Cowboy Boots
    • Doc Marten Boots
    • High Heels
    • High-Tops
    • Running Shoes (Like Reebox Zigs)
    • Rocket Shoes, functional or not
    • Platform Boots/Shoes
    • Skater Shoes, Alternate Design
    • Stiletto Boots
    • Thigh High Boots
    • Vans Shoes
  • Socks/Other
    • Ankle/Calf socks
    • High Socks (males)
    • House Slippers
    • Sandles/Flip Flops
    • Sports Socks

  • Jewelry
    • Ankle Bracelets
    • Bracelets, Various styles including handcuff
    • Cop Badge like Miguel Estebano's
    • Fashion collars
    • Flower Earing
    • Knuckles, Designer
    • Necklaces, various styles
    • Piercings (Lip Rings, Multiple Earrings, Et cetera)
    • Pocket/Wallet Chains
    • Rings, More
    • Rosary
    • Watches (left and right wrist)
  • Military Gear/Weapons
    • Ammo belt, Over The Shoulder
    • Bandolier
    • Duke Nukem's Grenade Harness
    • Grenades, on belt
    • Police Radio, as per this image
    • Shotgun Shell Belt (Customizable)
    • Sword sheath(s) on your back (in traditional and anime styles)
    • Sword Sheath(s) on Hip (in traditional and anime styles)
    • Utility Belts (More Styles)
    • Waist-Hip Gun Holster (This One)
    • Webbing/Chest Rigs (More Styles)
    • Weapon Replica, On Back
  • Pads/Guards
    • Forearm Guards, Leather
    • Bracers
    • Bicep Pads
    • Bucklers
    • Elbow pads
    • Football Pads (with or without spikes)
    • Knee pads
    • Shin Guards
    • Shoulder Boards w/ Tassels (Example)
  • Other
    • Air Tanks
    • Apron, Full and Half
    • Backpacks
    • Bow tie
    • Cape
    • Glow Stick Necklace/Bracelet
    • Guitar, on back
    • Leather Gauntlets
    • MP3 players, in the coat and/or pants pockets
    • Neckties, bow-knots, etc. loose and tight for females
    • Non-leather Gloves (including mittens)
    • Paint cans, on belt
    • RTW Items
    • Safety Harness
    • Wrist Sweat Bands

  • Full Fishnets (Leggings, shirts, et cetera)
  • Full Pantyhose
  • Fur/Leaf Loincloth
  • Swimsuit, one piece
  • Vinyl underwear

Misc/Themed Outfits
  • Clothing Sets
  • Costumes/Suits
    • Alien Costume
    • Cat Suits
    • Gorilla Costume
    • Jumpsuits
    • Leather Biker Costume
    • Space Suit
    • Tusken Raider Costume
  • Feature Requests
    • Ability to wear hats with headphones.
    • Adjustable Sagging
    • Customizable Weapons, Including "Key Chains" for the weapons.
    • Increased Clothing Storage for Premium
    • Being able to wear Knife sheath on one leg and the Gun holster on the other.
    • More casual hairstyles, particularly for females
    • More flexible layering options, such as allowing sneakers over pants.
    • Remove gender restrictions
    • Togglable Options On All Clothing (Hood Up/Down, Zipped/Unzipped, Buttoned/Unbuttoned, Sleeves Rolled Up or Not, et cetera)
    • Option to wear hats with draw strings on the back, as per this picture
    • Option to change the fabric of the clothes.

Just because it is listed here, doesn't mean it will be implemented. I am not a member of
G1 Staff, and do not speak for them. Also, I do not agree with everything listed here. In
fact, there are a lot of items I think are in poor taste. But if someone asks for it, I'll list
it, opinions be d*mned.