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#3324823 Overkill - official statement ples?

Posted by Kindeller on 17 August 2013 - 12:28 PM

APB in my opinion is a shambles at the moment, the server cannot actually sustain the current population cap, in fact I dare say it cant even take 90% load without showing noticeable side effects. To me this is a serious issue, game-play itself is seriously hindered when compared to performance in say one of the fight club districts with just over half the population; even then there are still some questionable issues. As people have mentioned shots miss, guns don't fire, the server or software or a combination of the both just cannot take the load bore upon it by the game.

This is down to a multitude of things, but I personally stopped playing the game because of it. I really enjoy the concept and content within but at this point the entire thing is falling apart within itself like a black hole. It doesn't take an expert to realise these things (but for the reference I'm a game developer). It really saddens me to be perfectly honest and if something is not done about it, it'll fall apart from the inside out. That said, I understand from their perspective how hard it would be to change what needs to be changed. That's why I quit, as far as I'm concerned this is a racing horse with a broken ankle that needs quietly put down or some serious monetary investment to fix what needs fixed. Until then i applaud those who are willing to invest money into the armas to keep it going.

To be honest i dare say they don't have the funds to upgrade all servers, I don't think its a case of testing...


Complete speculation and opinion as to the games decline and future without serious investment and improvement upon hardware and software. Take with pinch of salt and not as gospel ;)