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In Topic: Why are IP bans not a thing

Yesterday, 08:10 PM

If they know how to download cheats, then this is already a failure. Has nothing to do with tech-savvy-ness. Because typically IP and HWID spoofers are included in cheats.

No they don't include IP "spoofers". Anyone can download a cheat why do you think there are so many cheaters on pc? Its as easy as downloading an exe and running it. The more "walls" put up the less likely people are to pursue cheating. 

In Topic: APB Video

Yesterday, 06:42 PM

OR you could try doing it yourself.

Already tried and it isn't worth putting in anymore effort I looked for like several hours a while back couldn't find it.

In Topic: Why are IP bans not a thing

Yesterday, 04:44 PM

Why not just do hwid+ip and add a key in the registry or a key file somewhere on the pc as a unique identifier and ban that. This would prevent less tech savvy people from cheating.   

In Topic: Tiggs, clear up these 'Innova questions' please?

Yesterday, 02:04 PM

i s2g if they also get accountbound osmaws and opgls


i'd be so jealous


idk why they even gave innova the rights to use the awarded skins, like, why did they even have access to those when they were only given to one character as an one time thing... i mean i guess the game just comes as one thing in total but... yeah, seems... uhh... wrong.

Its a unique gun not even a skin.

In Topic: IP block?

18 August 2017 - 09:16 PM

hmm i turn off my firewall and doesnt fix, can i make a rule or something im using eset smart 9

It might be your router firewall can you screenshot the error you receive in game/launcher? Also I'd suggest contacting support they can tell you if its your isp. Just tell them your having troubling connecting to the game.