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#4491110 ReAdd the old Charge Cisco headlights as a free kit

Posted by IAmDisappointSon on 24 July 2017 - 11:21 AM

They look bad imo ... :mellow:  they should add engine sound and all for the Cisco because it sounds like a vacum...

Idk about engine sound for the Cisco because it seems like G1 can't make engine sounds atm, evident from the fact that the IO Growl's engine audio is made up of the Cisco, Bishada, and Jericho sounds.


And when it comes to the way the old Cisco headlights look, there are of course going to be people like you who think they look bad, and there will of course be people like me who think they look good. This is why I would like the old headlights to be added as a free customization option so I can have mine and you can have yours, just like wheels options I mentioned for the Jericho, those people can choose between silver and black rims, so why can't we choose between old a new headlights?

#4490401 Could we please see some more of this?

Posted by IAmDisappointSon on 20 July 2017 - 10:10 PM

Could we please get some more of these kind of teasers/previews?


Even if there's "no new news" like Tiggs said, could we at least get some footage or screenshots of the current progress to create some hype or give us a clearer picture of what to look forward to?



more of this kind of stuff would be awesome! :D


#4490187 Reintroduce Vehicle camera sway as a video option

Posted by IAmDisappointSon on 19 July 2017 - 12:43 PM

Title says it all. there used to be this cool effect where the camera would sway or tilt when you steer in a vehicle. it's gone now, probably removed because of motion sickness or something. It would be awesome if this was added back to the game as a video option so people can choose if they want it or not.


it's very subtle, but you can definitely see it in this video



#4489637 Nulander Pioneer suspension problem

Posted by IAmDisappointSon on 16 July 2017 - 02:07 PM

Here we go


so basically nulander pioneers used to have suspension that put them a decent height off the ground and had good shock absorption, but now the pioneers are super low rider and are basically on the ground with absolutely zero shock absorption. if you run over a train track or any curb that's slightly too high, the whole vehicle will go like 20ft off the ground. obviously exaggerated that, but you get the idea. 


I find it annoying when driving, when you are chasing someone and you run over a rail track it will screw you over, and it just looks visually displeasing.


here is the suspension before















and here's is the suspension after the bad changes







This issue is also present in the V20 Vegas, but I don't have any pictures. mostly the no shock absorption, but don't know about a change in suspension height for the Vegas.


I simply ask that the pioneers be raised back to the height depicted in the "before" pictures and have proper shock absorption added to the suspension. 


I don't know if the people in charge read these kind of posts, but I'd really appreciate it if something like this was taken into consideration and fixed in an update, possibly added with the engine update.




#4488670 RTW Main menu theme

Posted by IAmDisappointSon on 14 July 2017 - 02:33 PM

Just wanted to post this because I think the current main menu music we have sounds like some low quality used $20 digital piano thing. 

The old theme we used to have sounded professionally composed and immersive for this game. 


I want it back! D :  


I'm ok with the main menu itself, that's absolutely fine, but the current theme is garbago 


this the old one |

.                        V

#4488206 Reintroduce The Old Camera Tilt Effect

Posted by IAmDisappointSon on 12 July 2017 - 06:06 PM

So basically APB used to have this thing where when you steer while driving, your camera would tilt around and stuff in this really cool way, there was the way the camera would shake when you were close to explosions, and there was also the way the camera would sort of bob when running.


So I can see why the camera tilting, shaking and all that jazz was removed, probably motion sickness, but could we please get these really cool old camera effects added back into the game as video options so players can choose whether they want this enabled or not? rather than forcing one look on everyone. I remember seeing a few screenshots of the engine upgrade, I can't remember the source, but there was a huge amount of video options in the advanced section which is great, so I was thinking it would be easy to add an option for the camera tilt and bob and shake and stuff right?

#4488192 Low quality vehicle audio

Posted by IAmDisappointSon on 12 July 2017 - 02:48 PM

This has been a rather annoying issue in APB and I can't recall when it started. 

Basically there's a motor sound that a variety of low end vehicles use. One of those vehicles is the Machina Calibria which is the starting car.


In the past, the audio for these types of cars were high quality, they revved pretty high and sounded just like what they should have.

but then somewhere along the way this audio was changed, I assume at the same time they changed the Moirai and Vegas. The audio for the low end type of cars was changed to be a low quality, 200 decibel fart cannon exhaust sound that clips in the mid to high RPMs. On top of that, the max RPM was lowered so the car sounds even weirder now.


Here's a short video I put together showing the difference between the old good sound, and the new crap sound.

The old clips are from some testing map, but they are the exact same audio files used in RTW and early G1/RP



Reverting these cars back to their old higher quality better audio files should be easy, so maybe they could be included in the engine upgrade since it already looks like more than just graphics is being changed.


I just feel like those cars now sound obnoxious with the new audio, and before with the old audio they sounded alright.

#4488021 N-HVR 762 nerf and Kelvar 3 buff (My suggestion)

Posted by IAmDisappointSon on 11 July 2017 - 06:54 PM


We all know that n hvr cancer weapon.Especially 1 or 2 shot secondary,crouch and shot you win.


My suggestion
0-50m damage 400-550,50-100m damage 550-900
Kevlar 3
My suggestion
+50% player health
-25%sprint speed
-25%run speed
Thanks...(Google translate)
And I know this game dead


I never used kevlar so I won't comment on that, but dude stop complaining about the N-HVR 762. It's already been nerfed enough. Take in the fact that games out there like CSGO have snipers that one shot kill, the N-HVR is a forgiving weapon because you're not dead with the first hit. Also I don't know what you've been smoking because the idea that a sniper rifle should do MORE damage the farther the target is, is RIDICULOUS. closeup you're getting blasted so the fact that it's a two hit close range is even more forgiving.

#4487819 Why does APB:Reloaded look so bad now?

Posted by IAmDisappointSon on 10 July 2017 - 11:07 AM

I have to ask ... what is wrong with half of you people PC's ?

I mean, this game looks great honestly compared to RTW version .

RTW version was bland, washed out and lacked vibrance .

RP's version, imho, looks waaay better than RTW .


I run maximum everything, even force some settings from Nvidia control panel, and the game looks excellent !!


Heres a vid of mine from YouTube .

Granted, YouTube sucks, and washes things out a bit, and doesnt Vsync , so you see tearing, even though there is NO tearing on my end, but the game still looks amazing .


I still have all of the RTW shaders tucked away, and I used to mess with the shaders with Dreamsss and do mixes of RTW and RP shaders and as far as Im concerned, the newer shaders have always looked better .

The RTW shaders were waaAAAyy less of an FPS hit, I will say that, but overall the RTW shaders were generic and bland .


Here's the vid ... 


( Blah blah blah about whatever the Trolls are about to say about the gameplay, my aim, whatever, p!ss off Trolls . )


Anyways, the game looks amazing and Im glad they did something with the shaders over the RTW ones .


Only thing I would like back is tracers, the different color flames that used to come out of the guns when they were modded and fog !!

If these 3 things would be brought back I would be ecstatic .


Some screen shots for you as well .

I dont see anything wrong with the way the game looks now , seriously .




Heres some of my characters next to other peoples garbage ...

I honestly think most peoples/ players PC's are such garbage, it doesnt matter what RP did or does, your game is going to look like poop no matter what ... smh .




The problem isnt with the shaders, its with your PC ...


I don't think I could ever understand how someone could like the new visuals introduced by G1, but hey everyone's thinks differently.

#4487737 Why does APB:Reloaded look so bad now?

Posted by IAmDisappointSon on 09 July 2017 - 05:16 PM

Damn I miss the camera tilt while driving.

Most of the good old stuff I never got to experience since I started playing in 2013, all the good stuff I saw was from old videos. yo but along with the camera tilt in driving, the cars used to sound a lot better before. like the vegas had this really cool high revving engine, the gear ratios were better on cars, now something like the first two gears on the jericho lastlike 0.2 seconds in the current game. Even the low end cars like the machina calibria and balkanvarzuga used to have a higher quality better sounding sound.


here's an old video I found, it's from super early testing in RTW, but the same exact audio is used on the car and it was around for the first two years of G1 APB


skip to like 3:07 in the video


#4487733 Why does APB:Reloaded look so bad now?

Posted by IAmDisappointSon on 09 July 2017 - 03:33 PM

Just found this. one of their promotional videos.



They kept changing their video options, brightening or darkening, trying to make it look as good as they can.

it just looks bad and very inconsistent.



also what the heck is this? that building used to have nice blue lights on it, but now it just looks like painted steel




I found this other image, this time from RTW. From a thread made by DopeFish. I think even at a different angle it's a pretty good comparison



#4487730 Why does APB:Reloaded look so bad now?

Posted by IAmDisappointSon on 09 July 2017 - 02:46 PM

They compressed the files so the install size would be way lower, they've also changed some light textures and the shaders while at it for some reason.

yeah I think he was called Montecarlo or something. I think he was the one who made the shaders ugly and was delusional thinking it looked better while a bunch of people told him it didn't.

#4487728 Why does APB:Reloaded look so bad now?

Posted by IAmDisappointSon on 09 July 2017 - 02:35 PM

I don't know what happened in the time G1 first acquired APB up until now, but they completely ruined the graphics.

Why can't the game look like this again? despite low video quality, the graphics in this version look way higher quality, more professionally done and just visually pleasing in general. Especially with that whole streaks style bloom.

We need the bloom on the right to be added back. Not G1's version which is on the left. that one is bad.

here's the video




obviously it doesn't show everything with that version of the game, but I can easily say that the way it looked back then is easily a lot better than what I've seen for the engine upgrade.



But I will admit, from what I've seen from photos of the new engine, it's definitely a really good step in the right direction.

From what I've seen in G1's current version and engine upgrade, is that they keep turning up the contrast and brightness to ridiculous levels. to the point where you lose detail. Like the fact that we can't see the sky or clouds anymore in the current game. even in some of the pictures I've seen for the engine upgrade, the sky in daytime appears blank white and during sunset it's pink for some reason.

Also during night time in G1 apb it looks as if there's a large blue/silver lamp shining down on the map. moonlight shouldn't light up a bright city, it made more sense when the city lights lit up the map like in RTW because the city lights are far brighter than moonlight.

RTW was bright in the sense that the map was very well lit, but it was balanced very well, the contrast and brightness was done so that you don't lose detail. something I think G1 should work on. Also I want to point out that in G1's version of APB they took that glow of the citylights and turned it black so now it looks like there's a black fog in the city at night and you can't see anything.

You guys also remember that cool way the camera would sway around when driving? and the way the camera would shake around explosions? these were probably removed because maybe motion sickness or something, but they could have at least been turned into graphics options instead of completely removed.

I just wanted to share my opinion, I feel like I'm the only one who thinks this, but who cares, I have to say it. If any G1 staff read this don't take it as an insult, but instead take it as feedback.