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In Topic: A quote from Tiggs.

17 July 2017 - 11:46 PM

Do you know what a BotNet is?


Do you understand how DDoS works?


If you don't understand this stuff, google, and then come back and tell me how to stop DDoS.


FYI, even big companies can't stop DDoS attacks.






Please... Inform me how to stop a DDoS.



Tbh don't know, don't care and not gonna inform myself cuz again, i don't care.

Just Quoting out what tiggs said c:

In Topic: A quote from Tiggs.

17 July 2017 - 03:44 PM

I guess asking for a logical conversation is too much at this point, they can't "kill" anyone, specially when they have no idea who he really is.

M8 i didn't mean kill but fine i know it isnt allowed but meh, still dont care whatever happens to the guy :D

In Topic: time for changes (Important )

17 July 2017 - 04:41 AM

what did i just read....


I bought everything i needed long ago and nothing has changed, the status of the game and population has became worst to the point no one has any interest in playing now. 


1) buying from armas to support the game and help g1 to earning enough to help US ( remember ? its like radio station ) 

already spent $600 dollars and not going to spend more. 


2) kicking cheaters from missions and report them ( and you know you can kick them there ways to do it ) 


I played in a group with friends only no cheaters, yet we still get accused of cheating in a regular basis, not my fault. 


3) dont follow cheaters in twitch and give them any attention anymore 


I don't need to watch cheaters, ive seen them ingame.


4) punish cheaters and dethreat players by kicking them from your clans and warning them dethreat you going to report him by abusing the game and ruin YOUR OWN GAME .


I punish cheaters myself, I don't know anyone who dethreats nor in my own clan.


5) stop creating hate things in the apb forum about how you hate or have negative  minds about g1 


What is there to discuss about on the apb forums?


and replace them in good positive minds of how we can help , and actually we thankful they trying to do something while no one really of us do 


What should we do ask more 50% sales? because the negativity should be turn into positive, give thanks to the community for the feedback. 


6)  remember the law of the universe - giving ...if you give you get what you give


I give already


7) stop the hate between players and start to be united so peoples will have really good place and game to play special for new players that coming 


I don't hate no one but the players who hate me usually are jealous of me. 

The thing is, they made a 2 hour maintence for nothing, they changed nothing!

Theres still lag, someone using a exploit and making the game lag, yeah, UkranianGod(The attention mommy)

Still cheaters (Obviously)

Everything is still the same!

In Topic: About the Maintence on the "Server shutdown"

16 July 2017 - 05:03 PM

maintenance didnt do anything, districts still go down.


In Topic: Same LAG after maintance

16 July 2017 - 01:08 PM

Same freakin lag after maintance , Districts gets DDos or however this is called , and kicking ppl out. WP

I know right?? A fvcking 2hour update for nothing, still the same DDoS'er striking, fvcking shi..