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#4476918 What if they just gave up because of the community

Posted by Reeses on 11 May 2017 - 10:36 AM

But when community complains about every update - it drags down the company.


Okay....Instead of blindly defending G1...can you name 5 things Gamersfirst has done well with APB? Just a list of 5 things that you think have been successfully implemented by G1 since they relaunched the game in February of 2011. 


For full disclosure here, I think they have done a few things well.


1. I think they did a pretty good job of making it a free to play game while avoiding a pay to win aspect. I think the joker store/tickets are a good way to allow f2p players to get armas type guns and such.


2. I also think they did a good job with weapon balancing for the most part. Players use a variety of weapons and besides a select few guns....most are viable weapon choices.


3. They also did a good job with convincing the community that one single account wide gun is indeed worth $25-30. Pretty impressive they can get their player base to flock to armas when they put up 50% sales. I know I am guilty. A three slot alig for only $10? What a bargain! 

#4473911 Playing the game when I want....

Posted by Reeses on 24 April 2017 - 11:13 AM

I feel like L4D2 and APB are pretty disingenuous comparisons. The former is developed by a very large and well established company. It is built onto a very easy to use engine and only really has to support up to 4 players at a time. Additionally it also has a great deal of mod support which allows it to stay fresh. It is pay to play meaning that the developers are free to work on content which does not necessarily have to bring in money.

APB has none of those things. I think that the console versions are fairly pointless side projects that have taken up too much of the team's time. But I would not pretend the team is putting no effort into working on the game. Whether or not the engine upgrade is a success, it was necessarily the right move forward. You can't really bemoan a game for having lower population than one of the most popular PC games ever released.


Both games were developed by a large and well established company. I'd say APB even more so. I am not going to look it up but did L4D2 cost $100 million to develop? APB had EA's backing. They have been around way longer than Value. APB originally was pay to play also. As for the player support who cares? Plenty of successful games still out there that support numerous players at one time.  


The only reason I used L4D2 as an example is because people say "APB is old so you should expect the population to be small." L4D2 is older and is still super popular so the age of the game has nothing to do with it. Get it? A good game is a good game regardless if it is PVE, PVP, MMO, etc. APB isn't harder to run or maintain than other games. APB is the only free to play game I know of where people would think a $10 permanent is a bargain! LOL.


I am not being sarastic here. G1 did such a great job with armas and the prices and everything. Nobody really complains about the prices for guns and such in APB. Of course there are a few who complain, but most are of are willing to pay the prices. Think Crimecraft could get the community to buy weapons for $25? I paid $10 one time for the School girl pack or whatever because I wanted the legwarmers. Take my money G1! Oh wait, they did....


Why didn't G1 allow the community to make APB more "moddable?" Why couldnt we have the chance to make a district, clothing, etc? The community is what keeps L4D2 alive, not Value. The community is what keeps APB alive still. G1 has done nothing of significance in this game for the PC players in almost 4 years. What evidence do you have that says G1 is putting effort into the game? As I showed you above, the launcher has news and updates from October and November? Why do you really believe they are putting effort into the PC version? They didn't even do an Easter Event. They have done so little events recently. The game is dying because they refuse to create new content or allow us to create the content for them.  


Instead G1 feed us lies about FairFight only catching cheaters and the engine upgrade that will be here soon.


It's a shame. I made the thread because I do love APB. It is my favorite game. It really saddens me that the population is just so dead on Jericho now and it's because G1 thinks they are going to hit it big with their xbox and ps4 releases. They did nothing to retain the players. 

#4473804 Playing the game when I want....

Posted by Reeses on 24 April 2017 - 12:15 AM

you just used PUBG as an example and then switched to L4D2. i was referring to PUBG.


anyways, i think the main point of this post is that apb is flawed. and we are all fully aware of that. just don't expect anything positive to come out of this.


I offered suggestions to make the game more positive. Sure I mentioned PUBG first and only switched to L4D2 when I was told that APB was "old" and I should expect low population in an "old" game. I showed you an "older" game that has more population than APB.


The suggestions I offered could maybe increase the population in the game. I can play any of the games I listed right now and expect to find a population. If I want to play APB and play Waterfront on Jericho right now it isn't an option. Want to play Dead Center versus on L4D2 from 2009 I can! 


I am showing you facts., I love APB as much if not more than anyone on this forum. I was falsely banned and still play this game because it is fun and unique. Is it too much to ask that I want to play in whatever district I want at whatever time of day I want? 


And really...explain why the launcher has information on it from the Obama administration? 

#4473795 Playing the game when I want....

Posted by Reeses on 23 April 2017 - 11:27 PM

i should have established that current APB player populations are nearing all time lows.


you're comparing a recently launched game to...APB? doesn't seem proper to compare does it?


i also never said anything about matchmkaing being fine. my point was that it would ruin matchmaking even more because of the pre-existing missions, varying threat levels, etc etc.


Again...since you're around right now....go look up how many are playing L4D2 right now. A game released in 2009. 


Who cares about matchmaking? It will never be perfect. You have to match with what is in the district. I dont care if I am gold 10 or bronze 1. I want to be able to push K and pew pew....don't you?


Screw it...I did it for you 




A game released 2 years before G1 got APB. What is your excuse now?


I am comparing a game released before APB and it is killing APB in population. Almost 5,000 people playing a game released in 2009 at 3:30AM ET. 


Those numbers above should be APB numbers. Nothing else is like APB. Yet, when you have a company that turns their back on the hand that feeds them it is game over. 




I have more pens and pencils in my home than APB has population at this moment. If you want me to take a pic of all the pens and pencils I have in my home I will :P

#4473793 Playing the game when I want....

Posted by Reeses on 23 April 2017 - 11:24 PM

5 years is quite a long time in gaming. You have to allow for population loss in most games over that sort of time period.


What crack are you smoking? Jericho is dead ok? Less than 200 players during non peak times. Good games and good companies retain players. That is the point of updating your game and such. The only reason the population is declining is because G1 decided to invest their time and money in consoles rather than the PC game. You really think if this game ran at a stable 120 fps and had a competent company running it the NA population would be 550 players during peak hours?


Go look at how many people are playing Left 4 Dead 2. Has over 10,000 players still and the game was released in 2009.


Are you a G1 employee?

#4473788 Playing the game when I want....

Posted by Reeses on 23 April 2017 - 10:56 PM

Considering there are a bunch of people who have paid money to play this game, we should be able to play it when we want. It sucks when you log on during "off hours" and the district you want to play in has no population. Let's face the facts here...district segregation has not helped player retention in the least. I suggest two things for Gamersfirst to do when they are not working on the console release and laughing at us while spending our money:


1. Get rid of the threat segregation. It isn't keeping player retention. There is no point in protecting the "noobs" anymore because they are quitting your game regardless.


2. Reduce the server instances from 40 v 40 to 35 v 35. This will allow more overflows servers to be created and people will join servers when the population looks more appealing rather than logging off and playing something else because they dont want to spam the only district they can play in. People quit your game rather than join a district whose population is 7 v 8.


I since I am on a roll right now I have a bonus suggestion. How about updating your damn launcher? Are you serious?




Your updates/latest news are in October and November? Is there a BOGO going on or not? Your launcher is talking about Halloween while I am planting May flowers. It is obvious the developers/GM do not log into this game because I cringe every time I see those dates.


This is just pathetic.



#4465331 Give us client-side Anticheat.

Posted by Reeses on 23 March 2017 - 01:18 PM



Uube will tell you the link above is a big conspiracy so that big hacker there can convince all the good honest people in APB he was legit. Like why would the guy go through all that effort to make that video if he was cheating? I have no clue who the guy is. Is he trying to save his reputation? Whatever. The dude is like plenty of others on FairFight bans....


- played the game


- didnt cheat


- played for 1000s of hours


- spent money


- FF'd banned


- Contact support and get a "Puck You" reply


I guess us all of closest cheaters should have come up with different stories and excuses at our monthly hack-a-fest meetings. 


Keep tweaking FF Tiggs, pretty soon you might even be a legit silver at the game.

#4465110 Give us client-side Anticheat.

Posted by Reeses on 22 March 2017 - 04:35 PM

So... should I be careful not to improve too quickly or should I just not improve at all?


I honestly have no idea how this stuff works. Judging from how folks claim FF works, it seems based on playing poorly one minute and playing well the next....?  That's kind of natural for me. Sometimes my KDR is awful... sometimes it's solid. It just depends on a variety of factors (from who I am opposed, who I am teamed with, what weapons I'm using, which missions we have, which part of the map is involved, etc).


I'm not trying to cause a problem. I don't cheat, so I'm not genuinely worried about it. It's just that... well... since there is no recourse, I want the best odds of not being accidentally banned.


Play like crap if you don't want to get banned. I am not saying this is the reason why I got banned, but I had a spike in my kdr  two weeks before I was falsely banned. Both me and my partner were banned so it may have been guilty by association and a lazy GM pulling the trigger.


That is why I said earlier that depending on the opposition you can have crazy good stats. Going like 20-1 against silvers isn't very tough. Get a run of crappy opposition for a week and you will be really good. This is why I have asked over and over


- Who sets what a human can and cannot do? Who and what determines that?


- Are we being compared with our fellow (as Uube puts it) honest gamers?


- Why does FF still need tweaking when it's been out for 3 years?


- Why can't they tell me why I was banned? Telling me I was cheating when I know I wasn't isn't very helpful.


I know this might not make you feel any better but I was a closed beta vet with over 6000 hours in the game with multiple max ranked characters and I was unceremoniously just dumped with no recourse. I would have no problem replying to the hackuators "I ain't gonna get banned" because I wasn't worried about it either since I didn't cheat. I never thought I would ever trigger anything with my average skills....yet here we are.

#4464799 Give us client-side Anticheat.

Posted by Reeses on 21 March 2017 - 03:12 PM

Its almost like KD and win rate isn't the only factor in deciding what's possible or not in terms of gameplay. Game blocks and G1 worked together during the undercover time to customize FF for apb, by the time FF would have come to APB they would have had experience as to want is possible and what isn't based on cheats from other games.

Can you still not read that a potential fault with one of FFs parameters caused the numerous bans? It had nothing to do with them being entirely false and came about because things left on auto never stay on track for very long without supervision.
9 people out of 11 thousand bans have been officially unbanned as a a result of a false ban, what ever settings their using doesn't seem to be that garbage no?

Gotta source for that? Something along the lines of what we quote now?

Seems far from over confident when they don't want to continue boasting about FF. They barely fight its ignorant player base constasntly trying to undermine it by any means possible.

Even if there was another incident like before it was never a false ban wave to begin with. Since FF is still running on auto it still has the possibly of a parameter problem to occur but its not going to be as bad since theyve decided to slow it down.

Who cares what the skill gap is? Cheating is cheating.
Why would you trust the next internet nobody over systems that have become commonplace? No one has yet to bring up any actual proof of the FF is garbage falacy other than their own garbage opinions filled with zero evidence and use the most generalized points as if they couldn't possibly be doing the wrong thing.


I understand that are parameters besides KDR and mission win rate, however...when their big list of cheaters was released, less than 50% were over a 2.0 KDR. Players that are able to average that or well above are going to get "/reported" constantly and the stigma of being a cheater. Then you have the whole "everyone is a cheater faction" and the "well I am good and not banned by fair fight" faction. Anyone banned by fairfight is labelled a cheater. FairFight is only able to gather statistics and a baseline from THEIR CURRENT PLAYER BASE. This is what determines what a human can and can not do? "Oh, only 3% of the player base can do this? They must be cheaters."


I think it is pretty obvious that FairFight's parameters on what is and what is not possible by humans are set by a human. So I will ask you again. Do you have faith in a company that has made terrible decisions about this game is setting up FairFight to catch "cheaters?"


Do you think it is remotely possible that some players are able to perform and/or trigger FairFight based on legit gameplay?


Look at Tiggs past posts. That is my source that FairFight is for cheaters only. She has never stated it is used for griefing or other means. If you've been banned by FairFight G1 is convinced you're cheating. End of story.


If logging into APB for 6+ years, playing the game without cheats, spending money, and not harassing any players is "doing the wrong thing" then by all means I am guilty. FairFight has issues. I think that is a fact. Nobody is trying to undermine it. The fact players have been falsely banned and they state on the record they are continuing to tweak and change settings speaks for itself. 


You are part of the ignorant community if you think 99% of those FairFight bans are for indeed cheating. 

#4464732 Give us client-side Anticheat.

Posted by Reeses on 21 March 2017 - 11:40 AM

Why should apb even pay for it? The industries most worthy badge is giving apb a proper cheatfree environment. The Anticheat companies should offer that for free because whoever managed to succeed is like best in class. And thats going to be a sales worthy tropy for them. Seriously, I enver have been in any game so cehat infested over such a long time as APB is. most other games were only temporary that bad, whe they were new and such. But APB is the prime Hive of cheating scum.


This is the biggest issue with APB. You have terrible players like this who are convinced so many people are cheating. If FF works by comparing stats to the entire player base when you have spam "/report" peeps like this...good players are going to have a tough time. Change has to start with silencing these people who only give good players and the game a bad rap. People thought APB was cheat infested in RTW which was behind a pay wall. Gamersfirst even said less than 1% of the population is cheating...yet here we are. 


We're not saying no to a client side anti-cheat at all. We've interviewed a few and haven't made a determination at this time. FairFight can be slow at times but I think we'd all agree that it's better to be slow and accurate over quick with a higher rate of false positives. FairFight was automated right after we turned off PunkBuster and we check it often to make sure things are running properly. 


Who exactly is reviewing this? An admin who doesn't play the game at all? Admins who play a little and are terrible? Who decides what stats are possible and which stats aren't? Remember the big FF list you posted when it was "undercover" back in June/July 2014. Only a handful of players had a KDR of over 2. I got the APB stats update in my email and calculated my KDR weekly...generally I was 3-4 and a mission win percentage above 90%. Who is deciding what is possible?


It isn't hard to farm kills and have high accuracy in this game when you group with your gold friend and get opp'd against 3 silvers who insist on spawning in sight of you over and over, fire their STAR at 75m removing their spawn protection, and stand in the middle of the street against your ranged weapon. Sad thing is I've seen golds do it as well...over and over....some people are just mindless when they play this game.


Play the game long enough and it isn't hard to predict where the team is spawning and which routes they are going to go. Pre-nade a corner and nobody is there and you're not a hacker....guess right and all of sudden you get that beautiful purple whisper "nice walls." Yeah....just because I am not a total idiot and can predict or guess where you will be doesn't make me a hacker. 


Whatever settings you are using, they are garbage and have been garbage since day one. Instead of dismantling all the help you had from players and pushing out anyone who truly wanted to help the game, you should have put your ego aside and listened to those who know and understand how to play the game. Instead you've done nothing but talk about how if you were caught by FF you were cheating only to back track and unban people for falsely being flagged. How many years do you need to make sure it is working as intended?


Except everyone claims they never cheated.(99.99%)

Except they only stated clearly that FF was for cheaters only recently, after all these other offense bans.


No they didn't. They always said FF was for cheating. They were so overconfident with FF being 100% that they allowed that first name and shame list and began broadcasting bans in game so the Lily's of the world could thump their chests and say "I knew it!" 


So....what are you going to say if Tiggs posts something in the next few weeks or months about another false ban wave? Why put something in place that you're still fine tuning after 3 years??? How can you have any confidence that FF is working correctly at all? You have faith in the people who have made terrible decision after decision in this game to finely tune an anti cheat in a game with a unique TPS camera, built in wall hacks (spotter, VIP, takeouts, etc) and a skill gap divide between players larger than Lily's butthurt? 


Give me a break. 

#4464722 Improved Rifling VS Cooling Jacket Obeya CR762

Posted by Reeses on 21 March 2017 - 11:08 AM

Heavy Barrel 3. Turn that CR762 into a fully automatic laser rifle. It may lose more damage past 60m, but anything closer than that you can literally spam fire it and not lose any accuracy at all. On the plus side, it still remains a 5 shot to kill weapon, even with HB3.


I hardly feel like my unmodded Obeya needs a boost in accuracy. Why trade less damage for more accuracy when an NTEC is going to destroy you inside 60 and any ranged weapon is going to out dps you beyond 60.


Don't put Hb3 on it.


Obeya needs 5 shots to kill. You can easily spam out 7 shots pretty quick and if you're decent at aiming you're going to hit 5 of those. 

#4462391 Tiggs don't let this game die please

Posted by Reeses on 12 March 2017 - 08:23 AM

Wake up. Tiggs is the only who has slowly killed the game. Just because she posts on the forums ever so often doesnt mean she is helping the game. She posts sales for your money and then bans you. She makes outrageous claims and lies about the effectiveness of FairFight. You want players to test the game for the rest of us? Yeah...she killed that. Want players to help new players come into APB? Yeah. She killed that.


All she basically did was insult players on the forums, ban legit accounts of those she didn't like, tell us FairFight is flawless, and then unbanned people banned by said flawless anti-cheat.


APB has no hope with Tiggs around. She doens't know anything about the game or care. When it dies, she will go be toxic to another game.