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In Topic: This game is anything but boring.

14 June 2017 - 07:22 AM

Game can be kind of boring when you're opp'd against a couple of bronzes and silvers and they take 5 minutes to show up to each objective or have no idea what they are doing. Like playing against AI set to the lowest level. Game can be pretty boring then. Game can also be boring when you want to play Waterfront or something and the population is 6 Enf and 3 Criminals. It can be boring when you log into district and ready up and wait 5 minutes to even get a mission (opposed or not) game can be pretty boring. Game can be pretty boring if you drop off the car in "Pick up Pick up" and get killed because it forces you out of the car and the opposing team is now plus one in takeouts and they run away or going to some lame camping spot. Game can be pretty boring then. Looking at the same edgy characters, hearing the same edgy themes, and seeing the same boring guns can be boring also.


Boring to get the same whispers about the gun I'm using, if I killed you, who I am grouped with, etc. 


Sorry, the game can be really boring sometimes.


But yeah, generally the game is fun if you play with or against like minded people who just want to have fun. Good luck with that :)

In Topic: False positives again?

23 May 2017 - 07:26 AM

This right here.

There was still a false positive going around, ever since FF went automatic. I really suggest the team should look back and check all those bans to make sure no one is missing. They haven't noticed this false ruleset until now.


Tiggs will get on that after she retrains the forum mods on how to be forum moderators. They know how to operate FairFight as well as a 3 year old knows how to operate a car. Beep beep I'm coming through!!!!

In Topic: False positives again?

23 May 2017 - 07:06 AM

then you never have been much in the forum, nearly 80% of hacker sinitially say this before going to the next excuse. Especially before FF this was a regular claim because of PB having unbanwaves as well and they all hoped this will get them free.


It would be wonderful if you stopped posting. You realize when you say "nearly 80% of hackers.....blah blah" you're showing how full of crap you are. You have no statistical evidence to back up any claim you make. You're just an APB player with no inside knowledge of anything. 18k posts of garbage. Think before you post ok? Don't make up numbers and whatever else is brewing in your head and then claim they are facts. You're delusional. 

In Topic: What if they just gave up because of the community

11 May 2017 - 10:36 AM

But when community complains about every update - it drags down the company.


Okay....Instead of blindly defending G1...can you name 5 things Gamersfirst has done well with APB? Just a list of 5 things that you think have been successfully implemented by G1 since they relaunched the game in February of 2011. 


For full disclosure here, I think they have done a few things well.


1. I think they did a pretty good job of making it a free to play game while avoiding a pay to win aspect. I think the joker store/tickets are a good way to allow f2p players to get armas type guns and such.


2. I also think they did a good job with weapon balancing for the most part. Players use a variety of weapons and besides a select few guns....most are viable weapon choices.


3. They also did a good job with convincing the community that one single account wide gun is indeed worth $25-30. Pretty impressive they can get their player base to flock to armas when they put up 50% sales. I know I am guilty. A three slot alig for only $10? What a bargain! 

In Topic: Playing the game when I want....

24 April 2017 - 03:48 PM

Yes but L4D2 had a far more successful launch, perhaps due to its (If I remember correctly) $25 million advertising budget, and it was able to build on the success of the first game. The original APB shut down fairly soon after launch, and was picked up by a team a fraction of the size of the original.

APB struggles with its poor coding (both client and server wise) which have been inherent problems from its conception (Some of the development diaries from RTW are quite fascinating on this subject). Coupled with the Frankenstein engine the game runs on, it makes adding content far more difficult than in any other game. For a very long time we would lose a car spawning machine with any map update, just because of how the game was coded. In terms of pricing, I would say it's a form of Stockholm syndrome. I'm happy to pay the Armas price (and only in a 50% sale) but only because I already like the game.

Player created content has emerged a few times before, and I believe G1 stated that they could never be satisfied with the quality control involved with the idea. Clothing is far more complex than making a model. It has to fit every size combination for player models, and it is actively a part of the character models rather than being a separate item.

In terms of what G1 has realistically provided for the game, during the first few years we did see regular content to a degree. 3 new contacts, a massive expansion of weaponry selection, a whole host of new mods, weapon skins, Asylum etc. I don't believe that they've done anything particularly visible recently, but since I don't sit in their office everyday, I'm not going to pretend I know everything. The console versions were never meant to be handled by the PC team but it ended up that way anyway. Early versions of the Engine Upgrade do exist in various forms, whether or not we'll ever see the finished product is another matter and if it will do enough to reverse player number decline.


L4d2 was successful because l4d1 was successful. Pretty sure l4d3 when it comes out will be super popular as well. The game was popular because it was well made and unique...APB only fits one of those. 


The reason we pay the high prices for armas is because we like the game...a lot. The game is very fun for sure. Why didn't G1 capitalize on this more rather than going the console porting route. Why didn't they do more to retain current players? Why was the testing program totally shut down? Isn't it amazing when armas has 50% we all go nuts when in another game the 50% prices would be absurd. I put $20 into Heroes and Generals and was able to get a ton of guns and whatever else and I still have over half my credits available. I don't know that community well but I doubt they would be able to sell a single gun for $20 and have people think that is a good deal.  


Pretty sure the mods, new contacts, and district and such were already in the game since RTW...they were just never released as they were going to be new content and future updates. Very few things were actually created by G1 and put into the game. 


I understand it is difficult to make the stuff and whatever else, but I am sure there are plenty of people who would be willing to try if given the chance and they'd do it free of charge.


But my original suggestion stands....why are they keeping threat segregation when it does nothing to help retain players? It only makes it frustrating for gold rank players who want to play at off hours. My options are limited. This is what makes people say "screw it, I am going to play another game."