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In Topic: are there no consequences for misuse of /report?

25 March 2017 - 04:24 AM

Just because you don't "see" me in game doesn't mean I don't play. I have many accounts, Dev, GM and personal. 



Yes...I understand that you have accounts that you play on. How about you answer the other part of my question then.


Do you feel in your time playing on your many accounts, Dev, GM, and personal that you have an understanding of the mechanics and gun play in APB to make the determination of who is cheating? When you do play against the community which district do you play in? Bronze or silver? Have you ever suspected the opposition of cheating because they were better than you? 


Are you willing to say Tiggs that you can play APB.....vs someone who is "good", then go spectate that "good" player, check their stats from FairFight and determine 100% without a doubt they are cheating? I am very skeptical about that.


Just a word of advice....since you are the community manager, you should be more visible on your community manager character/account. You shouldn't worry about being "trolled (especially being a self proclaimed 'supertroll')." Be visible. Let us know you're there.


I'd be more than happy to group with you also. PM me. I'll give you my discord info. I think we can be friends. I can even tolerate the heat grouping with Tiggs could bring. 

In Topic: Give us client-side Anticheat.

23 March 2017 - 01:24 PM

in that video from the first link, am I the only one seeing that obvious, blatant, and perfect snap at 2:58 ??????


Talking about him shooting at the guys over the fence? They are pretty close to one another....it isn't that hard to "snap" your wrist and move your mouse when they are right next to each other. Plus it looks like he gets one hit marker on the guy on the right and one hit marker on the guy on the left while missing badly with every other shot. It doesn't look all that fishy to me and pretty possible to do. 

In Topic: Give us client-side Anticheat.

23 March 2017 - 01:18 PM



Uube will tell you the link above is a big conspiracy so that big hacker there can convince all the good honest people in APB he was legit. Like why would the guy go through all that effort to make that video if he was cheating? I have no clue who the guy is. Is he trying to save his reputation? Whatever. The dude is like plenty of others on FairFight bans....


- played the game


- didnt cheat


- played for 1000s of hours


- spent money


- FF'd banned


- Contact support and get a "Puck You" reply


I guess us all of closest cheaters should have come up with different stories and excuses at our monthly hack-a-fest meetings. 


Keep tweaking FF Tiggs, pretty soon you might even be a legit silver at the game.

In Topic: Give us client-side Anticheat.

23 March 2017 - 11:55 AM

I was referring to people who say they got false-banned.

Not much rationality about sticking to a game if they perma banned your account and you know yourself you were innocent.


Why? APB is a game. G1 is a company. Despite the flaws of the game itself, APB is still fun. Just because my main account was banned doesn't mean I still cannot enjoy going into the game and pew pewing a bit. I wasn't looking to become famous on my main account. It is my favorite pvp shooter by far. G1 got my money from my first account, they won't get anymore money on the reroll. If I get banned again, oh well. 

In Topic: are there no consequences for misuse of /report?

23 March 2017 - 10:03 AM

No, you're saying that.   I said ....   Tiggs, on 22 Mar 2017 - 4:14 PM, said:  Yes something like this ^^.  We know who reports who, when they report them and how many times they've reported them/anyone. I'm not able to go into specifics but yes, if you're spamming it will lower your credibility over time. 




Puck doesn't handle cheat reports that are sent to support, I do and go through and send them to the appropriate team members for review (I respond to all cheat reports received).  


/report isn't for everyone, sorry to hear you've given up on it.


Does your vast knowledge of APB game play and mechanics help you determine who was and wasn't cheating in your reports? I don't ever see the community manager in game playing missions and being a part of the community. You are not qualified in the least to determine who is and isn't cheating in this game outside the blatant Goat/speed hackers.


Just admit that when it is borderline you guys make the call based on your opinion and not 100% proof the player was cheating.