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put there your brain I am sure you are using macros

Macros, are you serious?


FF is bad for this game, it doesn't take a rocketscientist to figure it out. I'm not here only to talk about false detections due whatever tweaks they've made, but also how slow it is in some very obvious blatant cases because it can be tricked around. APB needs an intrusive anticheat like BE, i'm aware that even BE can sometimes cause false positives, but at least then you can deal it directly with BE support, instead of receiving canned messages like now.

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Yesterday, 05:43 PM



I see too many players use macros in game and I suspect that FF cannot detect macros but why?


So while ago I gave an advice to G1 to make more informative for FF our reports it will be help to ALL if FF will know why players are reporting at other players... for example


for report AIM - we will write in command chat /reportA nickname

for report WallHack - /reportW nickname

for report SpeedHack - /reportS nickname

for report Ghosting - /reportG nickname

for report Inappropriate Behaviour - /reportI nickname

for report Trigger - /reportT nickname

for report Macros - /reportM nickname


So if G1 will enter these commands all will know and understand why players are reporting. And FF could see better the situation with hacks and see how to improve the system.


Why not to help each others? The main reason why g1 loose players, money... the cheaters!  No one want to pay for game with cheaters and macro users. NO ONE means NO ONE! So why do not defend the game!?


So ... About macro users... after when FF will get the clear report like /reportM nickname... FF will understand what is going on and could see statistics, timing of weapon and ban player who use macros. Macros has every time the same speed of bullets while shooting, macros could faster kill than regular shooting... it is easy identify macros by only speed of shooting and timing.


Regular player cannot hold the same speed and tact and time of weapon and firing. Just to see last statistic about 100 bullets of players and you will see thrue ( I dont know does it possible to make it if I wrong I am sorry for it )


So GamersFirst...

If you wanna loose your work, game, don`t do anything just ignore us again...


Thanks for understanding





FF belongs here.

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Yesterday, 04:59 PM

I made 50k kills in apb today and i feel happy about it but i couldnt possibly done without you guys.. You have been at my side when i had problems guided me to what i am today. Though i am not a good player in this game.Some suggestions from you made me play in silver districts couple of hours in a day and improve a bit.

Thanks to those who gave me suggestions in:

Thanks to the friends i have made in apb who gifted me legendaries and armas weps cuz i cant afford to buy em.
Thanks to the players who got insulted me and making me improve myself.

I will tryna help players ingame to the best i can.


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Neither can replace each other.

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bro it's okay engine upgrade is coming in 2014 just be patient

How to get back in time?