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False positives again?

23 May 2017 - 05:54 AM

No False positives in fairfight recently after christmas? You gotta be kidding me. I posted recently ffban is a myth and after a week the community manager responded with a nice 100+ ffbans to conflict with my opinion. Also i would like to state a few of what she had responded earlier.


About my previous thread on FF and the CM's reply on it.




the day we received a blogpost and followed by ban wave:




Well today a player got unbanned by Fairfight and i wouldnt like to share his name cuz its against Forum rules (Here's a tip. He is a designer in citadel and one of his designs is used in a car in joker store.) He got banned during the ban wave which happened one week prior and today he got unbanned.


So now how about replying to two of the questions :


1.Do you still believe Fairfight is running perfectly "without any flaws" ?


2.Or  he knew someone inside g1 team which lead to his unban? ( Hey did he use the excuse his acct got hacked by a russian hacker? And i ll say thats bullshoot cuz the player itself is a russian :P )


Now, i have the right to know whats going on with fairfight? Some other players also say they are legit who got banned during the day. On what grounds did the player get unbanned?


Also i see this.. which makes me laugh.




If I am a player, What should I do if I think I have been banned or punished unfairly?

How about we ban cheaters instead of forum members and legit players? You can share your opinions in here. This is a serious thread please dont waste your time making fun in here.

Tiggs and her magic wand <3

18 May 2017 - 10:18 AM

Today is not an usual day for those who had been playing apb reloaded. It was a day when the ground below us shook. Around 100+ ffbans in one day. There was talk abt it everywhere. The last time such excitement passed thru us when ff was intoduced.

No one knew what the extended maintenance was for.. A player asked me "what did they do during maintenance?" I replied him they were cleaning up the salt.. (I am sorry). When i woke up today i saw this.


Meh, another blogpost.. Another event which postpones engine upgrade and the new server for innova players. Closed my mobile.. Checked ffbans sipping coffee. Jumped outta chair when i saw this..

Nearly 8 bans in a minute time..and around 20+ bans in an hour.

Then i started reading the blogpost..

1.Off sales- ok, not bad
2.Xbox and ps4 - ok
3.New summer event- user design input and stuff - Aww..nice :3
4.Innova migration - wow..good news for citadel
5.Engine upgrade- Cherry on top


Tiggs, on 10 May 2017 - 04:57 AM, said:
When you see 15+ bans happen in a row, that is typically me cleaning out queued up bans that are old. This happens due to an account flagged but the account does not get logged in again after it's flagged. Right now we have over 50 and I will be cleaning those out soon.

Looks like g1 paid fairfight all their previous dues and all also paid them in advance as well :P Kept them all in secret dint u tiggs? : D

Never gave ppl info abt the innova migration, new event and the wep for which the devs had been working on and stuff

And tomorrow sales would be like. :D


Idk.. we had been mad at g1 for not providing new content,cheating in game, the most awaited engine upgrade,not communicating much with the community.

We never hated you tiggs, even though players hate g1 team. Sometimes we forget that Apb has a small team of devs. The moment when i saw a player who posted a topic to troll you, players jumped in to defend the CM of apb.

I' m giving it up to you Tiggs!

Login problems

16 May 2017 - 09:52 AM

I have been having a weird problem now in the past two weeks. I thought it would be fixed now.. bt it aint so i decided to let know what the problem is..

Keys not working as intended while logging into my character
I really am clueless about it. Its jus simple the problem is that
Lets say when i type in my email address lets say havtock@gmail.com the @ function is replaced with * or !. Well it also doesnt work on alphabets as well.

Steps to reproduce

1. Login to your apb acct
2. Logout of it
3. Try logging into another acct by deleting the email id

How many times i have recreated the bug: 5/5

Expected results : the email id or password should be exactly the same what you type on your keyboard.

I have to copy my email id and password by typing it on a notepad file and copy-paste into here. Its a small problem yeah bt i find it tedious to copy paste stuff :D

P.S : Tried with various keyboards as well.

Warning everybody!

13 May 2017 - 08:49 AM

Jus be careful when opening unknown e-mails and newsletters from your email,cuz there is a computer virus "Wannacry" which is being spread around the world for the past few days. Nearly 100 countries have been affected so far.


The hackers demand for ransom around 500 usd in case ur computer got affected. Dont know whether this is the right part of the forum to announce this.. So jus be careful guys. Happy gaming.



Google about "wannacry virus" and know more info.


Thanks for reading

Apb only for the old players?

04 April 2017 - 10:30 AM

I am going straight into the topic.. We encounter a new player to apb every hour or so asking how can i get a grenade,how to equip a field supplier and so on.. I have seen them asking the doubts for minutes together. Many players doesnt even bother to read the district chat saying its full of bullshoot. Some players argue abt running vips,players who use percs bla bla. They dont even bother about a newbie whos asking how can i change my clothes. They dont even care him as a person and argue abt something else. I have seen this for all these years. I have seen some good players who take their time and guide the newbies.

I am not asking you to give them a free car or a 100k ingame cash or a legendary weapon.Be a human and guide them with what help they want. Yeah i know some of them doesnt see ur chats.. If u have time to see ur twitch chat u can allot some time to help a newbie who wants a help.

I hope some of u helped and most of u didnt.. So take this as a chance to help new players which might bring some playerbase to apb. Please stick to the subject and dont make it a troll fest.

Thanks for reading