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#4468466 Apb only for the old players?

Posted by dicer on 04 April 2017 - 10:30 AM

I am going straight into the topic.. We encounter a new player to apb every hour or so asking how can i get a grenade,how to equip a field supplier and so on.. I have seen them asking the doubts for minutes together. Many players doesnt even bother to read the district chat saying its full of bullshoot. Some players argue abt running vips,players who use percs bla bla. They dont even bother about a newbie whos asking how can i change my clothes. They dont even care him as a person and argue abt something else. I have seen this for all these years. I have seen some good players who take their time and guide the newbies.

I am not asking you to give them a free car or a 100k ingame cash or a legendary weapon.Be a human and guide them with what help they want. Yeah i know some of them doesnt see ur chats.. If u have time to see ur twitch chat u can allot some time to help a newbie who wants a help.

I hope some of u helped and most of u didnt.. So take this as a chance to help new players which might bring some playerbase to apb. Please stick to the subject and dont make it a troll fest.

Thanks for reading

#4459245 How good is Support, really? Would you call it decent?

Posted by dicer on 26 February 2017 - 10:23 AM

Support is simply great, wanna know how?
This is what happened. There is a cheater in citadel who is been cheating in FC for more than 2 years till today. I report him everyday and there are a lot of players who know he is cheating.So I got fed up and wrote to support with his name,server name, what kinda hack he is using. I even said I can attach a video if they would like to see it. I got an auto reply and a day later a 'puck u' reply. It is as follows.

Which game are you trying to access?
What is the email address listed for the account?
What is your date of birth?
What are your character names / server name?
What is the registration date and Country of registration for your account?
What is your IP address?
Please provide transaction IDs for any purchases you may have made. This is not Armas or Marketplace purchases on your account but the actual transaction ID provided to you for purchasing G1C.

Never even cared to read a single line of my mail. The same reply goes to my frnd who got scammed,players who got false banned.

#4457603 ErrorCode : 0x10A91480

Posted by dicer on 20 February 2017 - 10:11 AM

I know about 0x10A91480 error. This is a common problem which occurs when Microsoft visual c++ files are affected by malware or uninstalled improperly. Reinstall visual c++ and redist that will sort the error.
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#4453124 How to overcome the language barriers in apb?

Posted by dicer on 03 February 2017 - 05:34 AM

G1 is merging all of its servers one by one creating a larger player base. Its a good thing bt players are used to russian or brazilian in their servers. When you see a lot of cyrillic text filling up the district chat u lose patience after a while and start to yell at ppl to talk in english. The same case happens in jericho as well I know that. Every player loves to talk in their native language and they feel comfortable with it i dont deny that. Players in jericho asked for a language filter and g1 staff politely said no to it. I am not asking for a language filter or some stuff which takes years to do. We as players can fix this problem by ourselves. Please pass this way to your friends as well and let it spread throughout the game.


To speak in English jus type /d and talk

To speak in Russian or in Brazilian jus type /s and talk.


I know some of you guys know the how this works and some players dont. After doing this jus press the home key > settings and disable say or district. By doing this we can maintain the integrity of the chat. Hard thing to follow i know, but if we can play in server lags, ddos attacks, against hackers you can do this as well. We just need to improvise,adapt and overcome. 


Comments and suggestions are welcome. 



#4445085 An easy way to prevent hackers (without fairfight)

Posted by dicer on 02 January 2017 - 10:31 AM

Hello all,


We have noticed that the game got a lot of hackers and they keep on coming and coming even after ban. As the topic says there is a way to control the increasing hackers who make new accts after ban. I m no tech geek or something bt i jus had a thought abt this. When i was making a new email id gmail asked me to enter my mobile number.(this is cuz its compulsory that u shd give a mobile no. if u are 18+) so uhmm i cant create a new email id cuz i have given the same no. twice or thrice so it jus showed me "no. already in use". It cant be used more than couple times.The thing is why dont we jus put a mobile number verification thing in new acct registration cuz i heard that apb is 18+ and for mature audience. If u jus ask me no one will go and buy sim cards everyday jus to hack.


Suggestions are welcome.

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#4442384 Some contacts and stuff are never being used.

Posted by dicer on 22 December 2016 - 04:54 AM

So i was jus thinking that there are contacts in asylum from which we can only buy weps just like other contacts so i jus thought why dont they have some purpose like pledge to them and play for a couple of items jus like other contacts? Not really big stuff like new guns and modifications, it can be emotes,inventory space for clothing,symbols,some cars which civilians use and players dont have like han cellante, balkan ravan,some clothing stuff like cape,cowl,some glasses. Also the contacts in social can be used (sorry i m outta ideas :D ). There was a spot in beacon which a laptop and few stuff maybe a contact can be placed there and players can pledge to them and play snowball fight and the other event and get stuff Suggestions are welcome. I hate contacts who jus stare at players without any purpose :D

#4442023 Which new legendary would you want?

Posted by dicer on 21 December 2016 - 04:02 AM

Before commenting, please, do not post comments such as "I'd like engine update in new jmb", or something in that manner. Im trying to have little more serious discussion about legendaries here, and im tired of seeing the same unfunny joke over and over.



Since we arent getting any content updates soon, there is only the chance there will be new legendary for armas milking. 


So which legendary would you actually like? New shotgun, pistol, rifle, smg? How would you like it to work?


Would you like a new weapon (not necessarily overpowered), or a reskin with a bit of flavour or mod change?

have u ever seen the category less than lethal ingame marketplace? I used to wonder why g1 put such a category in there.

#4437708 How do you think cheaters come?

Posted by dicer on 07 December 2016 - 01:34 PM

Jus tell me this i am a bronze district player ok? Lets say i have some 2k hrs gameplay time. So what are the chances if i go 1v1 with a silver district player having the same 2k hrs gameplay time. I ll be struggling to make a couple of kills while him on the other hand would be crushing me. Thats what players do in bronze dist. Players with thousands of hrs go vs players with 1-2hrs. At end of mission u say gg ez. Players in bronze district becomes gold/yellow doesnt get matchmaking easily. Or if they get dc they go to silver dist and lose on purpose ruining the fun of silver district players as well. Come back to bronze district hunt on newbies. Many newbies leave this game at the end of the day finding it unfair. So you guys are so curious about when will the new engine come? Do we need a new engine for chasing all the newbies from the game? Meh.

#4437672 How do you think cheaters come?

Posted by dicer on 07 December 2016 - 12:29 PM

Sorry guys this is a long post please bear with me and read it with patience.

Have anyone wondered why cheaters come? Its not like we think they got no aim or such. Its this thing about matchmaking in game. Golds in silver district,bronze district and in open conflicts and fight clubs. Of course we all love to win each n every match but jus imagine you are a bronze district player having a newbie in your team and gets killed by enemies who are threat gold and your team loses and you or your enemy will whisper him noob. Angerness towards the game along with losing the mission. What does he do? He tryhard a couple of missions. Newbie with a star 556 goes vs a gold with ogre. You know what will happen. He goes afk or roams without doing mission.Get kicked by team leader. He gets angry and wants to prove that he isnt bad. What does he do? Go look for 3rd party applications to enhance his gameplay. He gets a simple esp and starts playing with it. He can avenge on the guys who killed him. He jus thinks "hmm,not bad let me learn with this." So i doesnt mean to say all newbies hack. Ofcourse high rank players also hack, they lose some missions very badly and what does they do? They look for some loopholes in the game. For instance get a macro program put it in some semi auto or some burst firing rifles. So they fear that they shdnt use hacks cuz they dont wanna lose their acct. Newbies get banned soon cuz of blatant hacks detected by pb or ff. What abt high ranks? Many think they are good. There are some good players ofc but some players who are good use some sorta unfair advantage over others. So u might ask me so you blame the whole community? I hate to say but yes we all are the reason for it. Sometimes i do get angry and shout out at newbies in my team. Apb is not a friendly community we know that. But if you are complaining against hackers. Pls do remember we are also a reason for their act. So please be friendly and support nrw players. Thank you.


Sorry about the long post once again. I am sorry if this posts break any t&c's of forums and stuff.