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It's always the question what causes these bans. Are all bans done on FF still truly FF only bans? theres still plenty of blatants snapping left and right and pseedhacking and go unnoticed by FF. it is at a point where we don't know anymore f these people truly were banned by the algorithm. But surely 9% of those "False ban" claimers actualyl are just cheaters.


but honetsly, even if we would say: FF isn't flawless what should happen? not banning anyone anymore? this would surely kill APB. In the end every false ban is collateral damage in the attemp of banning cheaters. If we didn't had cheaters we wouldn't have a need for bans and anticheat. Ther eis no splution to these broken minds, thee is just the best soluation but no solution is 100% safe. So even the best will cost us some sarifices. In the end we can say unbans happen which proofes that the system is not entirely ultimately the end of a legit player getting a false ban. And as long as it doesn'tT have that "fishy" smell like other unbans it is fine..

he made it soo sure that he will be unbanned in a week time while discussing his bans and in dist chat.. So what made me write this thread is.. today is 1week after his ban.. Idk whether he jus said it or things were involved. And also.. i never seen players telling i got false banned all these years except christmas '16 . Now about sacrifices.. idk maybe we'll know about it if we get banned for no reason.

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04 April 2017 - 10:42 AM

Or....................they could do the tutorial instead of asking questions that are literally answered in the tutorial.
99% of PS4 players that I have seen that are confused by something have purposefully skipped the tutorial and are now confused out of their minds as to what to do by stuff that is in the tutorial. Xbox to the same degree, PC a little lesser so.

Players like to avoid reading story lines,long paragraphs and stuff. Most of the do. Dont say that u read the whole tutorial..and u asked help to someone when was new to apb

In Topic: Apb only for the old players?

04 April 2017 - 10:40 AM

I mean, I help out newbies some. . . but the percentage of the time I'm playing APB I'm. . . well. . . playing APB?
It's kinda' hard to answer people's questions in a helpful manner while playing a mission. Heck, it's hard to even read /D well when you're actually in a good mission.

Thats true.. Today i was tryna guide a newbie to clothing kiosk. The chat was spammed by yells,clan invitations,cyrillics. It took me 20 mins to guide him around social.

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31 March 2017 - 07:29 PM

People who trade want to make profits.. There is a Mm in citadel with 84 legendaries whom you know already he always looks for huge profit and he is always in social. If u offer him a ogre he will offer you bullshark and firework launcher. Does trades once in a month or so. Always remember to trade with people with a 4-5 legendaries.

In Topic: Thanks to everyone who guided me in apb.

23 March 2017 - 11:31 AM

oh, and well done.

Thx man :D