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APB Reloaded Quickies - Kill the VIP With Style!

18 March 2017 - 08:55 PM

That quickie play :P
PS: don't remark in the Pioneer's simplicity, that's the maximum I could do with 7 symbols(no premium).

APB: Reloaded Montage - We Are Here! [2017] - Debbie

11 March 2017 - 03:48 PM

And is with a huge pleasure that I bring a new montage, straight from Jericho to the whole world!

Differently from the other montages, this is summed up basically in N-Tec(in my case Vas R2). I reached pointman 16 so I left by side the delicious CSG, and started to play more with our lovely N-Tec to reach rifleman 16.
This with no doubts is my best video of APB that I've ever made, but I'm sure that the next will be even better, because just like the life, edition and creation of videos is a eternal learning, each day we learn new things!
Finally, my greatest thanks to Rishio(Varlisson) because without him this video would be not possible, and also to TexWiller(Marcelo) for participate of the wallpaper.
PS: Don't forget to click on the TV in the end of the video!

APB: Reloaded Quickies- 1 versus 4 (and lag)

01 March 2017 - 09:55 AM

Hello guys and girls!
Just leaving a very short video, just a 'quickie play' ;)

►Video link:



APB: Reloaded Complete Gameplay - Fight Club - I'm Still Here! [2017]

25 February 2017 - 02:47 PM

It's not a montage or a nice made video, it's just a recent match, many people thought I had stopped with my channel or stopped playing APB, I did not, I hope I'll never do it, I'm still here!
Soon will be ready a new montage straight from Jericho to all brazilians, and other people too, for today is just it, kisses by Debbie :3

​►Video link:


【Tribute】Falange - Closed Brazilian Server

11 October 2016 - 07:53 PM

Hello guys, how many of you must know, our Brazilian Server is closed, I made 2 last videos because of it, one is a Tribute and Farewell to our server and players, and the other is a little bit too, now all the videos that we have of Falange Server is a memory for us, that we will keep in our heart and memories, forever.
Falange was our place, our world, our home, we was so happy there, here on Jericho we have many problems and disadvantages, mainly is the latency (usually 180+ms), but, let's think in good things, now we have a enormous community to have fun and meet new people, and so many brazilians will start playing here when all accounts finally get migrated, including me.

A brazilian person created a post here on G1 forums of my first tribute video and I didn't know that, reading the comments of his post some people said that it should be here, on Creations, so I decided to create this post.

Here are the links of my 2 last videos, I translated everything to you, so turn the subtitles on and enjoy, hope you like and if you could, watch in Full HD, thank you and peace!

►First video:
APB: Reloaded - The Last Video in Brazil -  Tribute and Farewell!

►Second video:
APB: Reloaded [Falange Server] - The Last Matches