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#4460732 Hackusation-is it even punishable by temporal/perma ban?

Posted by drtitanium on 04 March 2017 - 10:57 AM

When other players tell me that I am hacking I do not move, I explain that it is not so, but they can shoot or report if they want, it does not affect me at all, because the reality is that I am not hacking. So if you are accused of hacking just ignore it ... If you are not hacking you do not have to worry. In any case, videos like tests and reports will cause your account to be investigated, so you should not worry if you are a legit.

#4452198 Thanks g1, return legitimate population.

Posted by drtitanium on 30 January 2017 - 10:19 AM

Agreed 100%


It made me laugh 60%

#4449111 Cheat detection Update

Posted by drtitanium on 18 January 2017 - 01:30 AM

Many cheaters are afraid of the return of PB and say what sea .. All cheaters say they were falsely prohibited .. All cheaters say they are only better than others .. Most cheaters know that the options are detectable and Which No. Most cheaters know how to disguise their hacks to not get ban.
This post looks like a joke .. a game that allows hacks to boost your economy. I think it's obvious that FF working alone is crap .. EVERY GAME NEEDS AN ANTI-CHEAT DETECTING PROCESSES.
I'm coming to think that as long as the cheaters hide their hacks, let themselves be killed, made misunderstandings in situations .. so if the population does not see it, FF does not see it g1 allows it, although it is using hacks and some if we know it.
I play every day I am gold rank 255, I play years ago, before I used hacks if and for that I was quite .. I see the increase of cheaters is giant without PB. Almost all missions anyone using teleports, ESP, autoaim .. old players using mate cheater, and more .. until when? APB became a game for cheaters and that's why it stopped receiving new players .. Do not lie, all those new accounts are the same cheaters.

#4448160 Cheat detection Update

Posted by drtitanium on 13 January 2017 - 11:13 AM

What is being said in some places is that half a dozen false positives, unbanned accounts and PB out were all G1 strategy to increase the population in the districts. I do not know, but seeing it from outside .. remove anticheat, unban for cheaters ... allow third party programs .. ????
This hack was released since PB is out, and continues undetected ... just know how to disguise. When PB worked these types of hacks could be incorporated in 30 minutes to PB and then in 2 minutes would end the cheaters, right now they can be a lifetime dissimulating.


They can even hide in streaming, although this option always existed, but for those who do not know.





- Hardware ID spoofer
- Screenshot cleaner 
- Clean video recording / streaming



- Speedhack
- Teleport
- Air control
- Bunnyhop
- Strafe hack
- Auto sprint



- Aimbot
- Perfect triggerbot
- Perfect autofire
- Autofire accuracy checks
- Perfect silent aim
- Server-side only weapon fire ('mong')
- Aim angle checks
- Custom target whitelisting / blacklisting



- Configurable settings via console-based menu (INSERT to open)
- 2D Boxes
- 2D Radar
- Name ESP
- Weapon ESP
- Grenade ESP
- Car ESP
- Aim Lines
- Tiggs ESP

- District auto join
- Car warning beep
- No Recoil (WARNING: possibly detected)
- Chat spam from text file
- Chat spam on kill (enable this pls)
- Client-side scale hack
- Customization blocking
- Client FPS limit remover (frame smoothing must be enabled)[/spoiler]

#4448139 Cheat detection Update

Posted by drtitanium on 13 January 2017 - 10:31 AM

The game is falling dramatically by not having an anticheat running to detect third party programs and injectors. Much of the population is abusing wallhacks. Which seems a harmless hack but I assure you that it is the most advantageous hack. In two hours playing 1 hour and 45 minutes game against groups with a cheater inside. Right now I can totally assure that there are cheaters playing without masking and FF is not able to act quickly, which ruins the experience of the game at any time that we connect.
In the hacking forums we talk about how happy the cheaters are with g1 unbanned accounts and eliminating anticheat from third party programs.
They should consider examples of other games, FF should run if or if an anticheat as PB, FF only allows to run all kinds of injectors, only need to be killed sometimes, not look directly at enemies with ESP, fail some Shots, delete records and FF will never detect hacks .. I am not giving a tutorial I am saying something that all hackers know how to do.
Currently the population of APB stays high thanks to the fact that PB is not kicking hackers, but the legitimate population decreases.
G1 this game since PB is out will become a disaster, PB must return urgently. Stop seeing the population numbers and see the reality, and only then people can recommend this game and have a legitimate population.
I repeat if you have a clean hacks pc you should not fear PB, but PB should come back urgently and work with FF.

#4446227 Cheat detection Update

Posted by drtitanium on 05 January 2017 - 05:55 PM

How is it possible that some hackers keep playing? I can assure you that they are using obvious hacks. (Wallhacks, crazy aim), but since they are not using teleport ff it takes longer to give ban ... Meanwhile people log out and hackers have fun.
Hackers know that regularly changing the IP, eliminating traces of registration, hiding the hack, and alternating the ESP in a second, make the task of FF very difficult.
Maybe I think that I do not know what I'm talking about, but I remind you that I've played APB since its inception and that I was a hacker, I know perfectly well the operation of the autoaim, triggerbot, ESP, 2d radar, injectors, compilation, autoit, etc.
Some years ago I left that aside, it did not bring me any satisfaction, today I am better than most hackers, I am only hassled when they are hacking groups, but ff acts very slow and punkbuster never ban me by mistake.
I do not care what they say about me, a couple of years ago I did not use anything weird, some say I have macro, but any admin can see that I use the mouse wheel.
Sorry for my bad English.

#4431373 Cheat detection Update

Posted by drtitanium on 14 November 2016 - 10:33 AM

How to avoid "false positives"? Use a clean PC and magic solution!
In 6 years of apb I got 2 bans for using macros, and I do not want my accounts back because it was my mistake. And at that time also affirm that they were "false positives" but come on ... I have matured ... and most of the players in this forum say they have a friend who got a false positive ... because they do not publish their friends? rare. It is a strategy to know how it was that they detected it and that part of its code modify.
Anyway I never got any ban, because I use a clean PC and I think that any type of hack or macro should be banned, either by software or hardware. If they want to shoot faster they use the options that gives the game and nothing else.