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Yesterday, 09:01 AM

I choose the two working together. But it will not be possible, because g1 seems to have taken a policy of allowing up to a certain "level of hacking" to increase the population.

In Topic: Autoit and autohotkey

19 February 2017 - 02:18 PM

Obviously no one would support what basically amounts to a macro which support has already defined as bannable

But people question your assertions that you can "see" someone using a script (which exists specifically to mimicking human actions), especially since you admitted that you yourself have high and fluctuating latency

My latency is normal in this country, fluctuating is not, only that sometimes I receive visits, but differentiate the rare events with respect to a latency of 250-300ms (I am still aware when I receive visits, because it is my house and I I open the door ...) but normally my latency 180ms is enough to play and I am aware of the disadvantage against a player with 10ms, and I will never think it will be hacker.
I did not say that I see their codes as a kind of movie agent matrix .. need to clarify so many times the same subject? Please read carefully.
I repeat I am not accusing anyone, I did not give any nick, some high level players accuse me of using macros for example .. I am not interested in how skilled you feel, the thread is ONE RENGLON in which the problem is autoit and autohoykey , we agree?
The unintelligent people only insult, put words I did not say, deviate the main thread, and do not understand a single line I wrote.
Let us not deviate from the point, the question is simple.
I do not know who you are, but you have some problem taking action against autoit and autohoykey? BECAUSE THIS THREAD TREATS THAT AND ONLY THAT.

In Topic: Autoit and autohotkey

19 February 2017 - 12:20 PM

Funny story, I was watching PvE wreck Titanium and his group on twitch one day... shortly after, this post went up.






Full disclosure, PvE wrecks me too. I once asked him to go easy in a 1v1 and he agreed. He then killed me with a blowtorch.



What are you saying? I never said anything about PVE, anyway I think PVE is a legit player. But I can assure you that I make no mistake in my reports with other players, and there are on the list of ffbans.
Sometimes I play missions with 300ms, I do not mind dying, anyway I will not go down to silver because then I get pretty kills when my latency normalizes (180 to 220 ms) And to differentiate perfectly the disadvantage that this produces when registering who shoots first according to the server.
Knowing about hacks for using them does not make you a wizard, I never said that, but I assure you that you could see things as naive as you can not see them. An example, in battefield also use hacks and could see other characters looking behind the walls like me to them.
I have also said, I know they use these scripts not for being a wizard, but because I still have accounts in hacks communities on THIS GAME, read my other posts, and before commenting here remember to follow the thread of the comments.
Its compression level is not very good apparently ... I am totally aware of other programming languages, read my other threads.
Stop saying things that I did not say please.
Also I clarify that English is not my first language, so it seems that you are not following the thread or even thinking what you write.
Apparently explaining it to a 5 year old was not enough.
The discussion here is not who is better who is worse, who is a hacker who does not ... The discussion here is only if you should take action now on the use of autoit and autohoykey, need to explain more? I think no. simply that!
I just want you to answer one question, do you agree with the use of autoit and autohotkey in this game? Although that inflicts the rules? Answer that please

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19 February 2017 - 10:31 AM

Again, if you are not smart enough to read the thread several times and then deduce the only line I wrote. Also I did not say anyone here was using ntec scripts. So how do I know it is being used? I simply still have accounts in cheaters communities. And I repeat you should experience some time on hacks not to say things that you are not qualified for.
You should look for the definition of the word "example", then read the comments and see the evidence taken from a forum.
Maybe you live in a cloud and you do not know what really happens in apb. Anyway I will try to explain to the less intelligent; That script is only ONE of many others, it is only ONE in so many thousands possible, the main thread is about two programs, AUTOIT and AUTOHOTKEY, you are understanding now? Ntec script is just an EXAMPLE. If you can not understand a single line, then you should avoid arguing here, maybe you will come across some two-line thread and I do not think you are able to deduce what it is.
Keep calling me silver, or fake gold, but I could never get into a bronze district, because I never went back to silver, only once intentionally to quickly add goals to an event.
Anyway, please, if you can not understand a single line, then take your time. I think with this comment any 5 year old would understand the thread.


So everyone in this thread is cheating?

This is some masterful hackusating here


Do you think that in that comment I am saying that someone here uses autoit? I think the comment is clear and it does not take much intelligence to understand the only meaning it has.



Clearly we need anti-cheat third-party programs to ban any player running such programs and keep apb clean cheats

In Topic: Autoit and autohotkey

19 February 2017 - 02:52 AM

What are you talking about? The thread is clear, autohoykey and autoit exist in apb and inflict the rules. Do we agree or not?
If you really do not know about this, then you should study it and experience it. And stop accusing those of others by saying that they are silvers or that they are bad playing, for complaining about cheats that exist and there is evidence.
Perhaps you are smart enough to know that many players use some kind of extra advantage and are afraid to get a ban for that, but legit players have nothing to fear and support this type of thread in which there are EVIDENCES.
Maybe you need evidence to know that I speak because I really know the topic, do you need to see my unbanned accounts? Accounts that should be kept banned. Or maybe you need to watch the hours of play and I'm not silver with any? Maybe you need to see the number of hours with my current account with which I never used hacks again? Maybe you want to try some missions vs me and me by recording some videos? Maybe with the presence of some gm, so it would be a fair game.
I repeat, a legit player should not worry about this type of threads. If you are legitimate the thread seems uninteresting then just do not waste your time here. simple.