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Remember recent WannaCry? Microsoft released patches even for stone age 7 and XP because of that security hole.
Same way you can't prove there are no backdoors in BE and waiting "their time". It is a ticking time bomb and will explode sooner or later. Salty kicked developer, random genius hacker, leaked sources etc you can't be sure it never gonna happen, nowadays everything is possible.
Multiplayer DM in that game was poorly designed but fun and respawn spots were camped to death so as soon as you respawn after relogging you gonna die at least once-twice before neutralizing campers and go outside.
BE is small but effective now. It costs lot of money because of lazy game devs. BE team doing their work and manually searching for new hacks to keep game with minimum cheaters. Just like in real life some hard routines being paid more than somehow better and easier jobs.
At this point every anticheat is not perfect, even ESEA and BE was compromised many times, most ridiculous for me was rage hacking german coder kevinS(ko1N), did it successfully for months before angry customers forced ESEA to manually ban him. First you getting mined, second you being promised cheater-free enviroment, third you meet ragehacking kid in league with "most powerful AC in the world" and finally you read "THE SERVICES ARE PROVIDED "AS IS" AND WITHOUT WARRANTIES OF ANY KIND" "NEITHER ESEA, ESEA AFFILIATED COMPANIES NOR ANY OF THEIR RESPECTIVE EMPLOYEES, AGENTS, THIRD PARTY CONTENT PROVIDERS, SPONSORS, ASSIGNEES OR LICENSEES (COLLECTIVELY, THE "ESEA PARTIES") WARRANT THAT THE SERVICES WILL BE UNINTERRUPTED OR ERROR FREE".
So yes, I will never install a VIRUS like ESEA or BE on my computer. Future is with neural server-sided anticheats as they can't be hacked that easily as client-side. All client-side anticheats are obsolete and will die in a decade.
My solution is to make small RNG encrypted minipatches and change offsets for game every 12h(or even less), updating with new rules and tweaking FF to be more aggressive. I don't even get it, FF is awesome anticheat yet G1 is so incompetent at configuring it.
Things are not fine neither that terrible as silvers with 50 fps and 200 ping trying to make it look like.


Your toaster barely capable running at 60fps nearly 10 year old game, wtf are you about  :Ha Ha Ha:
Yes, BE is a virus, if you don't want to educate yourself and blindly following false advertisements it is not my problem but yours.


My fps are fine ... average 80 fps, maybe minima of 50 is possible, but that has nothing to do with what I'm saying, try to understand my comments if you're not too smart.
I'll explain once more and hope not to do it again, I know perfectly that 200ms can create some "rare actions" .. I know that is a disadvantage for me. But 200ms will not give the rival a perfect vision about me with a building dividing us, nor will a rival in aim and crouch mode start to spin around wildly shooting to all angles with enemies and losing the target continue to shoot wildly to the ground .. Are just examples.
Whisp me ingame, my nick is drtitanium, and we will play in gold district, 1v1, you vs, I will be recording a video and all will see my skill level and yours too, remember to log a char rank 255.
Your solution is a good initiative too, I have also raised it, but anyway you must have an anticheat on the client side, I do not doubt that. Anyone who plays against a cheater has a great chance to repeat the opocision on the following missions and will surely frustrate him, since FF is too slow, his threshold is very low, and passive hacks like ESP will not detect them unless he's a fool .

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lol? an anticheat isnot intended to harm your pc, but since I doubt it's developers are perfect creatures they still make mistakes and whatever BE can do could go horribly wrong. BE is the result of normal anticheats not working, because cheaters just went also way too far circumventing them. BE uss├ęs emchanics liek a virus, thats why it cna get where it gets. And should soemting bugyy happen to it, bad thing CAN happen to your PC. 


Neither BE nor PB did anything bad on my computer ever! My resources are the same. If you do not have a computer capable of running PB or BE you might not be playing APB, and if you have it but believe it is a virus, do not install it! Because APB always had PB until some time ago, and that was not the reason.

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21 June 2017 - 05:53 PM


"Anticheat will not do anything wrong to your computer" - say that to ESEA and their bitcoin miner which was silently stealing computer resources even if linked game (CS-GO) was not running. If you are okay with viruses and like to download all that 100% FREE, EARN $1000 IN A HOUR and other bullshlt  it is your problem. I keep my computer clean, always updated and avoid VIRUS.
If you are so confident in your shltty wallhacks then why you go nearly negative every game? Cheaters, especially silvers who started cheating because "everyone is CHETING IN DIS DAMN GAM" usually never give up on it, I feel like you are salty because losing with cheats to other, legit people as you think "cheaters". Trust me, nothing will change even if APB has ESEA+BE+FF+PB+VAC combined and clone of Tiggs will sit in front of every player and check their gameplay. You are bad and silver noob and losing because of it, not because of "cheaters".
I gonna repeat, playing 5-6 hours weekly and see maybe one or two cheaters (fin+wf) at max so there are no that many cheaters like you exaggerate. Git gud.


I remember myself how shltty BE was 10 years ago and it is really a small company. My experience with BE is negative - amount of cheaters was pretty damn high yet it often kicked me for nothing (just like PB kicked itself from time to time because it is not updated or something) in a heat of battle which leaded to useless deaths and lower k/dr.
Yes, I read all ToS/EULA and most of them are so laughable from point of logic. But it helps to backpedal and win any lawsuit if things go wrong in the future. I don't use Origin and refuse to buy any EA games as this company lost my trust because killed some series of my favorite games.
I trust only Valve and their anticheat because whatever noobs may say it is still effective, in the end most of cheaters getting banned. I never had problems with Steam neither with VAC, my account is crystal clean and even CoD MW2 remains unbanned, all those "false" MW2 bans are for 100% cheating and kids pretending they didn't. Also during the "steam stealers" era my account never got stolen because I am not that dumb to use passwords like qwerty123 and always check domain before entering passwords etc.
APB is NOT some super competitive cybersport league with $999,999 prizes which needs kernel-mode anticheat which is technically a virus.



You clearly want to avoid a customer-side anticheat. If you have an old computer, you should update it to play this game which is not optimized as it should. I do not think neither PB nor BE consume a significant percentage of their computer, with a computer with 10 years old will not notice any change.
With respect to my ability, I will say one last time, I am gold for years, I play apb from its beginnings, I was also cheater to distinguish between bugs, latencies, luck, ESP, aim ... I will not accuse anyone by Be better than me, I do not bother to lose anything, I do not bother any anticheat, I have nothing to hide presently. Maybe there is a paranoia of players losing macros or some other extra help with the use of an anticheat in your computer, but what I'm sure is that a lot of the APB community has some macro, crosshair mod, or something for The style, which I do not care, what if I care is to match everyone's playing conditions, if there is a small group of players using wallhack covertly, then why should they have such a great advantage against legit? The only way to end passive hacks is by scanning your computer whether you like it or not.



All those links are imgur albums, but with one image each.  Why??



Read previous comments please just take a handful of screenshots and upload them in 1 min, at the request of jokerbot making them believe that I am silver and I do not end MVPs.

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21 June 2017 - 02:27 AM


Idea of BE gives me a good laugh, when a company is in a few steps from bankruptcy you REALLY think they gonna buy BE protection just beceause someone got rekt and made weekly circlejerking thread about cheaters? It is not one click and it's here out of nowhere, it costs a lot of money which G1 does not have after PS4 and xbone fail.
Btw FF is totally enough, no need in additional spyware on my computer. If you like viruses google free money generator, download that flashy link and enjoy being scammed 100% same like BE.


An anticheat will not do anything wrong to your computer. Now since you can not say that I'm lying, and blah blah blah, you resort to saying that they are hahaha viruses ... It's clear that you want to avoid an anticheat on the client side.
And I assure you that FF will not detect wallhacks unless you do not know the basic rules to use it.

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20 June 2017 - 04:46 PM

No, I am all for improving anti-cheat systems. The thing you see me pushing in every one of 'those' threads is that the cheater problem just isn't as large as everyone thinks it is. Sure it is a problem. Every game has trouble with cheaters and needs to go about it some way. Just the amount of complaining and whining that occurs from people in APB is not proportionate to the actual issue.


The most worrisome thing is to mitigate wallhacks, this "passive cheat" can go unrecognized and never get banned if used properly, that's the current problem ... I do not cry for a 1v1 loss, I do not care if the opponent has one Huge aim and his shooting rate is perfect, I really do not care, I only seek to mitigate wallhacks, a cheat with which you do not need to think about your movements.