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Project Renovation (Beta) Giveaway [Citadel].

24 March 2017 - 08:35 PM

                                                                   PROJECT RENOVATION [CITADEL].


                                                                                               Status: Break time.




  So Yes like the tittle says , its a Giveaway and it is Permanent as long as i breath and not decide to bail the game , as some of you might know , i'm a designer (Symbols/outfits) mostly , but let me spare you guys all that balatant about how i was born. 



 My goal/purpose of this Event if you could call it that way is to :


1- Give something for ' Free 2 players ' to enjoy while they are playing this game , cuz honestly , new comers are the key to keep APB running , if they keep leaving Because the game is too harsh on them , as a veteran i'd say APB rest in peace.


2- Renovate Apb ( do the job for those ehehe 'People' who are responsible of it that are uhm *choke* still sleeping somewhere ) hopefully ofc it won't take too long.





Q: Why do you do this for free ?

A: Because i feel like it.


Q: Are you going to Giveaway more stuff ?

A: I might Add more , Depends on my time and mood.


Q: Can i use your Stuff Anyway i like ?

A: Yes you can But please Do not Re-Sell it for Profit , if so! which i don't doubt that will happen , i'm not responsible about any action related to that.


Q: May i ask for Requests ?

A: No you can't.


Q: What will you offer ?

A: Symbols / outfits / cars.


Q: How do i get it ?

A: Contact me On my character Gallow [Citadel] ingame , Please please and please don't spam me on my main.


Q: Why just 'Beta' ?

A: I might move to other servers (No promisses) so for now this one is specifically for Citadel.




(Open for updates)



Contacting me to get these items:


Gallow [Citadel] ( PM me or just leave me a message ) 


  Notice: I'm not always online , trying to play this game as less as possible.



What do i expect back:


Nothing , i do not expect Anything of anyone , except maybe not to Re-Sell it for profit , if you do , honestly just know that you're a bad person and you should be Ashamed.


Also maybe Spread the word about this and try Comment down below give me your opinion about this topic and in the meantime , that would help this topic rise and become known , Yes do not feel Obliged to do it if you don't want to , i made this topic for you all other folks playing this game , not for my self.





 By renovating i don't mean a huge deal , i'm just another player between you folks , nothing much i can do .. ANYWAYS!


 I'm Giving Away one of my Outfits and Symbols that i personally made , Preview will be down at the bottom of the Post , since i might update this post for more stuff i'll giveaway if ! i got time.


  Notice: If i decide to stop or take a break i'll let know everyone on the Status underneath the subtitle.















Holly.. What an immersion this is.

14 March 2017 - 10:33 PM

 I just realised this side of the forum start looking like The game it self , a wasteland... No offense of course , i'm part of this community too.. just don't know if i should clap or cry for such Realism , I'm confused G1.

A more advanced kick system ?

03 February 2017 - 06:53 AM

   Honestly there are teammates that are just new to the game , i understand that... i do , but my topic is not aiming those kind of players , as a matter of fact i'm not even bothered , being bad or good is not the goal.



  I'm aiming at those who just drive at 600 m + away from the objective ,and what really grinds my gears is that most of them are golds , They end up with 0 / 0 / 0 score at the end ? this kind of person can't even get a dermit in order to get kicked ...


   Sometimes you get to play with an obvious Cheater on the mission , i dunno about you ? but no body likes to play with a speedhacker even if it is on the same team , if fairfight or gm's are slow enough to ban or kick them at least give Us a chance to get rid of them the old fashion way.


  And sometimes you get these special teammates that just tag you with a bullet or two in the middle of the mission just to troll you , and sometimes these people do it on purpose at a really really bad moment when your enemy is close by..




 Can we change that? , really cuz the system we got atm is kinda nice but not good enough.

What happened to the Updates ?

02 September 2016 - 06:48 AM

Isn't it Odd that we're not getting any Updates these past weeks ? 

Texture Glitches - disappearing items - incompatibility items

30 June 2016 - 05:58 PM

Dear Support.
    Now i know the Team is busy with all the events accuring at this time and especially the Engine update but i would take A very short time of yours to check few glitches i personally discovered with evidence ^^! , Lets start with the Glitches hehe .. here goes :
     1_Bug Related To Armas hostlers Getting Uniquiped By them selves :
         The first Bug/glitch is related to >ALL<  'Armas'  objects linked to the 'Armas' Hostlers that are attached either to the tactical belt or the military belt , Example ( Spray Can legs config ) , the problem here is after equiping them , they tend to disappear after the player either switches Outfit Slots or exits the Clothing Cusomization and goes back in ! , i noticed that its related to certain Outfit slots , the ones i discovered are the 1st , 2nd , and 5th , somehow the 3rd slot and the 4th are okay , didnt check the rest. ( Images included ) ....
        ---> The rate of this bug is 10/10
     2_Car exposition Slot Makes the car displayed Loose Textures :
         The second glitch is Weird ( who am i kidding , all glitches are weird lol ) its due to textures , i was Derping around social District and i noticed A car exposition bug where Wheels dont appear ( Ghost wheels ) and the textures and meshes of the wheels replace the windows of the car !! .... ( Images included ) 
....And to prove i'm not Hammered or insane , same goes for my computer .. well maybe a little bit but ! there is a whisper converstation that another Community member saw the same thing i did on the Image provided....
       ---> I cannot rate this bug cuz i personally saw it for the first time.
    3_ Cropped Hooded Jacket Chest Textures Glitch :
        This one is related to clothing aswell , there is a texture issue with the ' Cropped hooded Jacket ' from ' Guerra LE bundle ' , the glitch is simple , when i put on the jacket and add to it ( Underneath it ) an object such as a T-shirt , the chest textures Change , and its unpleasant to see (Images provided ).
       ---> The rate of this one is 10/10
This is the normal texture:
And this is after adding a Shirt underneath it:
     4_ Character Walking/running Animation Glitch after spawning :
        This glitch i'm sorry but i cannot provide any evidence Q_Q'!!! it has a relation with the Character , the caracter becomes Glitchy after Respawing due to death , The idle animation of the character ' Running ' does not work well , and the character will appear to >Dance< ( The salsa ! olĂ© !! ) And sometimes can't even Fast run due to it , not sure why , My personal thoughts is that the bug accures when a person gets killed while cooking a Grenade or something like that , Very unpleasant ,
then again i cannot provide evidence of it cuz i can only take screenshots ( unable to make a video )... my Apologies.
     ----> This bug is tricky so  id give it atleast a 20/100.
    5_Cropped Hooded Jacket compatibility/incompatibilty with certain backpacks :
         And last glitch , Maybe i'm abusing it a bit , its not really a glitch , but i find it odd somehow ,   The 'Cropped hooded Jacket ' from ' Guerra LE bundle ' Has this unpleasant Incompatibilty with Backpacks , Yet what i noticed is that The free to play objects > Shoulder hostlers ' Pair of Guns on the back ' < work with the jacket , while the free to play object ' Shoulder knife Harness ' doesnt work with it !!! like its very annoying , including all the backpacks from armas that are aswell not compatible with it , there must be a way to fix it , ( Please if you don't mind the time fixing this issue! and say Hey ! lets put a smile on the communities and this person's face .. The joker way , except without the knife ofc .. please ? hehe ) , ( Images provided ).
      ---> I'd give it 10/10 just cuz i'm one of it victims lol and i'm sure lot of people who have that Jacket Can't Disagree more.
This is the item that is compatible:
These next ones are not:
    _This should be all the glitches i could've gathered for now , My deapest Apologies for the Very long Ticket , i know how boring and frustrating it must be to read all this , Hope i helped the team by providing this and i wish you the best of luck with your future projects!!.
        This is My first topic Created So please don't be harsh if i missed anything...
        All the pictures are taken with Apb's Screenshot System , And Sorry for the language mistakes  ...