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#4475692 Ban Evasion / Rerolls?

Posted by Snake Eyes on 04 May 2017 - 06:05 AM

IF you truly mean it in another way, then I assume English isn't your first language. I'm not bashing on you, if that's the case.


I believe there are less cheaters than what most people think. Especially when you factor in the total population. Majority of players aren't even gold. I'm not saying all cheaters are gold, but the vast majority of them are. (Or at least were, in my years of playing. Haven't played in the past couple of years.)


Dont worry about the bashing thing. Im used to being laughed at.


What i said wrong was 50% of population, i meant at least over 50% of players who've played for longer time (at least rank 100+/50-100+ hrs or such) have tried cheats, because alot of newbies quit and there is huge number of them.


And what i believe you misunderstood me at is that i mean people have tried cheats. It is kinda hard to categorize them since there are players who make new account just to try out cheats and get banned at early rank or just quit after seeing how it works and people who cheat all the time, on and off main accounts. They are both cheaters, but there is that difference, since once you've cheated you are considered like a drug addict...there is always chance for you cheat again. I've had some people tell me they have tried it themselves, "Just to see how the cheat works" "Just to learn to coutner it" or "To get revenge against other cheaters and p2w".


Now according to OP, that would mean alot of them wouldn't have access to game, just because they cheated on new account made for it, if for whatever miracle there is a system which recognizes them.


I believe that you've thought i meant "alot of high ranks or longer time players cheat on their main accounts". Alot of them do-did, but not as much as 50%




I know its my fault, but either way its funny to see posts here derail so easily.

#4472116 Hello G1 can like someone pls rip the guy that crashes the districts all the...

Posted by Snake Eyes on 17 April 2017 - 11:05 AM

Not sure if to laugh or cry

#4471540 Sue valve for copying Medusa design

Posted by Snake Eyes on 15 April 2017 - 04:53 AM




#4471141 APB Music

Posted by Snake Eyes on 14 April 2017 - 04:48 AM



I understand what you mean, my parents once used to buy one specific soap that reminded me of Vice City, and i have songs reminding me of other games....but none for APB..kinda funny...

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#4468455 When was your last time you played APB?

Posted by Snake Eyes on 04 April 2017 - 09:41 AM

I do not play APB , APB plays me 


APB Relationships..

#4468433 Bugs that G1 will never fix. [Post if you know any too!]

Posted by Snake Eyes on 04 April 2017 - 08:33 AM

There are like tons of these small bugs and issues to report, but at this point they are really irrelevant.


People are just waiting for engine upgrade and new guns/clothes/car kits. I dont think G1st would go out of their way to fix them, and even if they did, they wouldnt get much credit or performance gain from them, they would just stall them doing whatever they are doing right now. But i guess its nice to have a post to keep track of them, just in a case.


And some of these are common issues in many games, hairstyles/clothes clipping, models moved out of a place for a bit etc..

#4465146 TIL: Gamersfirst once had partnership with Warframe

Posted by Snake Eyes on 22 March 2017 - 09:50 PM

Looks like i've joined a year later, so i dont know much about it, but apparently Gamersfirst was a publisher for Warframe...


I wonder why no one mentioned it...hmmm





Did anyone play it during the time and do you know when it ended?


Luckily Warframe managed to rise and still keep its place..

#4463546 What would make you play the game again?

Posted by Snake Eyes on 16 March 2017 - 06:14 AM

I like how you assume we all quit or want the game changed. :^)


Forums tell you quite some info. 30 replies to this topic in a day shows that people are desperate for any new information and change on the game.





Right now we have more forum players. Even with ~10 Fallen Earth players and lets say 40 players who are playing off of steam so they arent counted.



I still didnt get the ":^)" thing. Maybe its supposed to change my view on your reply?

#4463267 What would make you play the game again?

Posted by Snake Eyes on 15 March 2017 - 09:49 AM

Alot of people browse though the forums reading and discussing many topics but alot of them, even myself barely play the game and enter rarely....

So im wondering what would make you play the game again?
Which changes are the priority?

#4463201 Looking to buy D.va's outfit

Posted by Snake Eyes on 15 March 2017 - 05:54 AM

Make one and let me know your price. You're the seller, no? :3


You know what, seek me if you dont find anyone else who sells it. I dont play the game and wont come back unless i have a reason, but i visit the forums all the time because they are much more fun than the APB

#4462262 Crims looting on empty servers

Posted by Snake Eyes on 11 March 2017 - 07:30 PM

I dont support witnessing players who are farming money in or LTL weapons. I do not need those things to make factions unique, and if you added them to both factions it wouldnt really matter since you would be ruining the story that pretty much no one cares about. Clothes to seperate us and and some unique mission parts for now are enough, since we wont see any improvement or new modes for APB anyways that could immerse you more into being a criminal or enforcer.


First thing, about LTL weapons, they are enforcer only as we already know. People would say switch to enforcers to play them, but that would give you extra weapons and people playing on crim still wont have it, its still unfair, its just that you are on the lucky side of coin now. My point is, one side (enfos) will always be more powerful in the match since they have access to unique LTL weaponry, and its not fair since crims dont have access to it, you wont be able to play LTL vs LTL matches or "giving someone taste of their own medicine" which players often use to measure their skill and counter guns in missions. Also you wont be able to play against enforcer exclusive clans, people who play only one faction (i play only crim, and there are some players i really hate and would love to kill them with LTL).


LTL weapons are supposed to be a reason for people to join enforcers, but they wouldn't be there if crims didn't have ramming. Another unfair thing about these is massive cheese combos with these weapons, perc + stabba, PIG is pretty much a shotgun pistol that is harder to use, stun OPGL... And why do even silenced nano and perc deal stun damage.





Since enfos have LTL weapons, crims have ramming. BUT, ramming isnt a thing you would do in a middle of match, ramming isnt a weapon you can use in a mission to kill someone, ramming is even dangerous because you can lose all the money to one cheap enfo trick in a second. Ramming is just a way of earning money, which can be transfered to your other character (although there is a tax). Although people claim that this game isnt competitive, people made their rules and what is considered honorable and what not, and its obvious that LTL are giving enforcers more weapons to play with.



But in ramming, people are merciless here, enfos rush in with parties, car bombs, percs, smgs, and if you are witnessed, you are most likely not going to escape. Also it is alot, ALOT harder to play under pressure that you can lose the money you farmed for hour(s), and you will be very, very mad and disappointed if you do. For enforcers it will only take a minute or two to get this money from witnessing, and 5 minutes or less to scout the whole map in search of farmers. It is ironic, because game portrays criminals as stealing money, but it is actually players who play as enforcers that are literally stealing, yes, you are literally stealing money someone spent hours to earn. And this is supposed to be some kind of high risk, high reward system, which is i guess somewhat, just somewhat fine compared to other games, BUT


Think for a moment which players are actually ramming? It is those people who cant afford to get guns and newbies who are trying to understand how the game is working. People who are trying to get money for legendaries so they can scale up to others' gear in missions. People who get few days of premium from event and spend their time ramming whole day trying to get some money. When i joined almost 3 years ago i remember taking 10 premium + kraken code, and farming really really hard those days. I managed to earn around a million and get items which kept me playing, otherwise i would quit. You will rarely see a player who has armas items and weapons trying to ram in order to earn money. They can easily get it from RMT and sending gifts, or for some who dont mind spending money or gamblers via JMBs, and premium gives you steady earnings from missions and fight club anyways...

#4461216 For as Much as APB Really Grinds my Gears...

Posted by Snake Eyes on 07 March 2017 - 06:00 AM

Well if they want to make money, they can Introduce simple system like Blade and Soul has


Make G1C tradeable (with farm restrictions as they are now), or a market where players can buy APB$ from other players for G1C.


This way players who have everything from armas will buy APB$ to surely get legendaries, and other players can play to earn APB$ and sell it to earn G1C and buy anything they want from armas. Also selling JT could be an option too since amount you can earn is limited.


Pretty simple, you could add few new things that are very expensive and can be bought only with APB$, lets say exclusive permanent gun from contact that is worth 10kk APB$ and more exclusive stuff so players who buy G1C have to sell it to other players through this special market to get it without farming. This way you solve "trading scams" and countless support messages about them, and earn more money since you lose part of it in RMTs.



Otherwise, advertising APB to revive it as a game shouldnt be that hard either. In their place i'd actually "relaunch" the game on steam as "APB2" or something like that after "the engine upgrade" if its possible, since i've seen some games relaunch on steam, so players would actually check it out thinking its new game it could be.



You make alot of key giveaways on MMO promotion sites and with some youtubers as well, giveaway some free steam "DLCs" on these promotional pages too, and DLCs dont have to be anything special, add like a 2 slot cisco, 100G1C, high tops, 10day gun and 5 days of premium. These have already been done, and i think one of these kept me playing the game, because i had premium and wanted to earn alot (the 10 day premium and kraken code). Players who have DLC will keep the game in their library even if its free because they have DLC on it and it wont be gone even if they uninstall it. Also hold another contest for advertising videos, make a meme and share it like that pink icecream van was, this is very effective and it doesnt cost anything.


But the issue is....engine upgrade doesnt let us do anything. They set it as a blockade that wont let G1 do absolutely anything until its done. Advertising the game at current state would be waste of money, you would actually just lose potential playerbase.



At this point i dont see any hope for this game, current APB owners barely write a weekly patch notice, and we didnt get any news for like...3-5 months? Its really sad because its probably the most unique game i've ever played, i love its mechanics (no headshots, i find car driving nice too, its just really unique shooter). But i will keep hoping to see a change, and see the game rise from toxic barrel it is in now



p.s.  Give us more events, any kind of event, the ones with joker boxes, G1C, JT....i'll login and play it. Another thing i've learned from Blade and Soul is that you need to have events constantly to keep the players playing. Once one event is over, start another right away and keep it going.

#4459744 One trend to rule them all

Posted by Snake Eyes on 28 February 2017 - 03:00 PM





Last symbol looks like one i made.


Never spent so little time to sell it for so much...too many duplicates

#4459652 One trend to rule them all

Posted by Snake Eyes on 28 February 2017 - 04:51 AM

Apart from casual drama and combat "skill", there have been some metas in trends and clothes as as well.


So i was thinking if we could list all of them here and discuss them, like how many people you saw wearing certain stuff and certain using certain themes symbols, that look alike or are part of a trend, what were the trendy clothes combos in past and such.


It really amazes me how there were some interesting trends made ingame, first one i can think of now is combat pants and ribcage shirts, then we have people in skimasks, bandage symbols were pretty popular too...


#4453931 Before transfering innova data

Posted by Snake Eyes on 07 February 2017 - 03:31 AM

Their ego ... gone


Shattered so easily

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