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#4482580 APB made it to WatchMojo's top 10 P2W games

Posted by Progeekzy on 09 June 2017 - 05:22 PM

Coming from a player that played APB for a very long time and never spend a dime, APB is not pay to win. Its pay to advance. 

#4479260 How to contact mod privately ?

Posted by Progeekzy on 22 May 2017 - 12:33 PM

Oh, you are supposed to guess which one did what. Then send them a message detailing the issue, that they will then promptly ignore. 

#4479207 Forum Warnings need to be reworked.

Posted by Progeekzy on 22 May 2017 - 07:22 AM

Do they even warn here? O know there is 1 member specifically i have reported plenty of times to be banned 15 times over for breaking very clear rules, being off topic de railing the conversation image only posting ext ext. That person still has posting rights. So...does it even matter? 

#4465752 What if we don't get the engine upgrade as promised on march 31?

Posted by Progeekzy on 25 March 2017 - 08:25 AM

As promised? Promised by who? I havent seen gamers last say jack crap about this, as usual. 

#4463456 Is the staff on vacation? When they'll return? Thoughts...

Posted by Progeekzy on 16 March 2017 - 01:40 AM

They are waiting for the community to stop complaining about the lack of communication before they communicate with us.

#4459730 [Removed] is cheating (watch thats 2 video)

Posted by Progeekzy on 28 February 2017 - 01:46 PM

Tell me what u think about that.



then I do not want to debate

Alrighty then. 

#4453868 Are they not allowed to show us anything?

Posted by Progeekzy on 06 February 2017 - 05:58 PM

Also, being under the NDA dosent mean they cant talk about ANYTHING. 

Blog posts, pinned posts, patch notes, they have been more silent in the past month then before. I didint think that was possible, but holy crap say SOMETHING to us. 


#4452033 max ranks in bronze districts

Posted by Progeekzy on 29 January 2017 - 03:43 PM

I would happily and gladly play on silver, with players on level with my skill set. issue is, silver isint full of players on level with my skill set. Its full of max rank golds. Once they GTFO and go home i will happily play on silver. 

Ether i play on bronze against all skill sets or i play on silver and get destroyed every single mission. Or, i find a different game to play because i really dont have a server i can call home. 

#4450591 Did anything change since a year?

Posted by Progeekzy on 24 January 2017 - 06:11 PM

We have gotten even less communication, if thats somehow possible. 

#4447391 blog post hype

Posted by Progeekzy on 09 January 2017 - 07:38 PM

Two days ago Tiggs gave a quick update:

Ya the news is there is no new news. Kinda speaks volumes about this company lol. 

#4445766 Why does the nose show when using the ski mask.

Posted by Progeekzy on 04 January 2017 - 06:26 AM

So we can still play "got your nose" ?

#4445587 How does a new player get around the pricing model?

Posted by Progeekzy on 03 January 2017 - 02:15 PM

I have around 3k hours in APB, and i have never felt the NEED to spend money. You will get to all end game content with enough time spent in game. The market for guns is more pay to skip progression, or pay for reskins. If you are fine not having reskins, which are optional, you will end up with the same reults as those that spend. It just takes time. 

All customization options are, again, optional. I will say, you can get a premium code apply decals/symbols to your vehicle and they wont go away once the premium does. They are there to stay. 

Really, spending money in APB is truly optional which is one of the reasons i love the game. I never felt like it was pay to win. 

#4445163 This is how we deal with cheaters in APB reloaded ...

Posted by Progeekzy on 02 January 2017 - 12:40 PM

Many threads about the same topic, not spam.
Many threads repeated word for word, is spam. 

These threads are different in there own way, therefore not spam. Sorry if you cannot see that. 

#4445144 This is how we deal with cheaters in APB reloaded ...

Posted by Progeekzy on 02 January 2017 - 12:22 PM

Maybe its being "spammed" [i dont think that word means what you think it means] because people want to see a solution to this problem, communication, discussion, not just shut it down and sweep it under a rug. 

#4443922 server went down when is it coming back up

Posted by Progeekzy on 28 December 2016 - 02:16 AM

This happens every single wednesday. This isint new.