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In Topic: So sick of offensive missions...

25 May 2017 - 12:43 AM

Them Bewbs are offensive to my eyes, hawt, but offensive

Join me in my safe space and you might get to motorboat those puppies.

In Topic: So sick of offensive missions...

24 May 2017 - 11:48 PM

People should respect other people's safe space.

Offensive mission are bad too. They should be called " Safety missions " instead.

I agree. The word 'offensive' offends me.

.... as does 'defensive', by the way.

In Topic: Forum Warnings need to be reworked.

22 May 2017 - 07:40 AM

I haven't personally had any issues with mods. Just a couple of verbals about a year ago, but the mods in question and myself were able to talk it out and laugh it off.


I am however opposed to completely anonymous mods, I'm against moderation that at times feels a bit arbitrary, and I don't like too much hiding/deleting threads - it seems like a lazy version of doing some real moderation, which would be cleaning and reopening threads. Or cleaning and closing threads with a good reason.


As with all other things concerning APB, the amount and type of communication has a huge impact on how the community views the situation. In this case the mods.

In Topic: A topic for all things Lovely.

21 May 2017 - 11:52 PM

Guys, guys... I'm feeling pretty great about myself and my life.



In Topic: Tiggs and her magic wand <3

18 May 2017 - 10:38 AM