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Forum Warnings need to be reworked.

19 May 2017 - 11:46 PM

As the current system is set up on the forums it's basically a "quit the forums while you're ahead or live long enough to get banned" scenario, where mods can warn anyone for a million reasons and no matter what you do you'll never get rid of those warnings. Mods aren't even obliged to answer members as to why they get warned, and what's more they're incapable of messaging mods once they get banned. What's worse is the fact that what (certain) mods warn for is basically arbitrary 'cause at this point half of all posts on the forums are against certain rules in the ToS, especially ones put in place to stop "un-productive" posts as well as anti-flame rules.


It's to the point where posting a satirical comment remarking on something being in the wrong sub-forum can get you banned, as happened to my friend just today. Another friend of mine got three warnings at once for a minor offense recently, and was permanently banned from those three warnings. One mod in particular, as far as I can tell, has been basically warning people for anything he can imagine and not responding to their PMs when they try to discuss it with him, but obviously I'm not going to bring up his name.


The worst part is that you can never get rid of warnings, and I'm not just making this up, I know this from good intel, so unless Mod 20 or Tiggs is going to tell me otherwise, I'm pretty sure it's the case. What that means is, as I stated at the start of this thread, someone like me who's been around since 2012 and has over seven thousand posts will never ever get rid of their warnings, and will eventually get enough warnings to get banned because it's virtually impossible to avoid all warnings while actively posting on the forums.



So can someone of authority please consider revising the system, or at least watch over the mod squad and give them better guidelines? 'Cause this is getting ridiculous. And if you're going to take action against this thread, at least have the courtesy to lock it instead of removing it.

Does anyone remember that time G1 said they were going to work on the EU?

18 May 2017 - 12:09 AM

Like, I have this distinct feeling that they said they weren't going to bother with new content or anything else until the Engine Upgrade was released on all platforms?


I kinda' feel like the majority of the community here agreed we wanted them to work on the EU, was that a dream?


Please tell me this isn't just me.

Hey Gamersfirst, do you know what nobody asked for? Phone Poles.

31 March 2017 - 07:25 PM

They're everywhere, and they're a hassle, not to mention an eyesore. The last thing APB needed was driving to be more difficult, and here you are putting phone poles everywhere you can, whether that be right next to shortcuts making them harder to take, on the side of streets where people often park for objectives, or on corners that you'd normally cut across the sidewalk on. Hell, there's even at least one directly in front of a car spawner (SE of Ty Durant.)


So many of the design choices you made in the Engine Upgrade seem like they were done impulsively without any concern for their effect on the game, and the ludicrous number of phone poles across the city is just one of those things.


It's like you saw all of the people complaining about the random invincible light posts around the city that everyone hates AND DECIDED TO ADD MORE OF THEM.


I want to have faith in you RP, I really do! Honestly, I'm impressed at how well the PS4 release performs among all of the other people complaining that it's horrible, but just. . . you all did so many things for no reason that I hate in the EU. Admittedly most of my issues are visual, but still, the longer I think about the ~3 hours I played on PS4 the more pissed off I am, and visual issues are a big deal to me, APB is largely based on visuals after all.



And don't give me some excuse about it being realistic or for visuals or something, 'cause modern cities don't have that many powerlines. Power and all that mommy's run underground now, it's just better. Overhead powerlines are outdated, so why did they suddenly pop up around San Paro? And even if there was a reason, please don't just change the entire city on a whim, that's just silly. San Paro is San Paro, it's been a thing for years and years, don't just decide you want it to be different than how it is. San Paro is to many APB players their home away from home and we like it for what it is, so think things through before you change it and preferably ask, 'cause believe it or not we're as invested in this game as you are.



*EDIT* I'll probably be posting some more about the EU soon now that I can play it, but this was the most urgent.

You never fixed the Anubis

08 March 2017 - 04:37 PM

Summary: The Anubis had a bug introduced well over a year ago, and it was never fixed:


Description: Back when the HVR was being nerfed in 2015 the HVR received a nerf that made it take longer to achieving full accuracy in marksmanship from running or sprinting, but somehow this accidentally got applied to the Anubis as well. To be clear, it was confirmed that it was indeed a bug that the Anubis got this nerf. RP claimed to have fixed this glitch, but intentionally only reduced it, claiming that it had to stay there for balance reasons. It's hard to believe that RP actually believed this was a balance issue as they weren't aware of this bug when balancing the gun, and the gun was tied for worst sniper rifle before the patch (and still is tied for worst, albeit it's tied with a different gun.) The gun has gone on like this for a year and shortly after the nerf you stopped seeing Anubises ever, as in I've never seen one since. Virtually everyone who used the Anubis regularly will agree that the slight accuracy buff and range buff were far outweighed by the nerf to Marksmanship Mode (though I was the only person I know of who actually mained the Anubis before the bug):


If it is OP with the bug fixed as the team claimed revert all of the changes to the Anubis, because the gun was fine before the patch and is simply unusable now: APB is a game based on niches, and the Anubis is now a gun without a niche due to the removal of its role as a mobile sniper rifle. This is not a bug that should have been ignored in the first place, but due to the fact that the people handling it clearly didn't understand the consequences, and it's obscure enough of a gun that they figured it didn't matter, RP has refused to fix it despite the fact that they were aware of it. Note that the N-ISSR-B has the same (or better) aiming speed after sprinting that the Anubis used to have and has a better TTK and now has the same range as the Anubis. This is clearly a bug, there's no denying it, and the fact that it wasn't fully removed could only have been due to not considering the variables correctly.

Steps to Reproduce:
1. Equip the Anubis.

2. Realize that RP lied about fixing the issue and made the gun terrible.

3. Cry because it used to be such an fun gun but now has no redeeming qualities.


How many times have you recreated this bug: 2 out of 2 times that RP acknowledged the bug.


Results: The gun being worse than before it was "buffed" because RP refused to fix a bug for "balance reasons."


Expected Results: The bug actually being fixed.



*EDIT* as an added note, this isn't technically a bug, but you seem to have made the center-dot of the crosshair more transparent, making it very difficult to see, which makes it difficult to aim as the huge white things that surround the red dot don't actually help you aim (while I like them, they really aren't helpful.)


*EDIT2* as an additional bonus bug report that I might make a full thread on later if this gets fixed, the Anubis is one of the few guns in the game that can have negative spread, which seems to affect its hit regulation. This is especially noticeable with CJ3 or HB3.


05 February 2017 - 08:31 PM



Can we get a Bill Belichick mask now G1?