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In Topic: It's nice that there really haven't been events....

Yesterday, 01:35 AM

It lets me not play the APB Forum game, and also do the events all the other games are doing.

Paragon went totally F2P.
BDO had a 50% sale and released a new class.
Origins gave out ME3.

You make me sad, G1.


Also... Dat framerate.

I think you mean ME2 and that was a while ago.

In Topic: Frequent apb crashes

22 March 2017 - 08:44 AM


Daily i get 2-3 crashes ingame.
each time it is when im running and shooting and always when im a killing streak for some reason.



D:\STEAM GAMES\STEAMAPPS\COMMON\APB RELOADED\APBGame\Logs\2017.03.21-18.35.09-3032.log
D:\STEAM GAMES\STEAMAPPS\COMMON\APB RELOADED\APBGame\Logs\2017.03.21-18.35.09-3032_Catcher.dmp
I do not have hardware of connection issues
I recently bought a new gaming pc
Stable fps ingame.
Please give a sollution
A complete deinstall already performed, tried installing on SSD than on HD but same errors remains.


Contact support also you need to actually upload the contents of those files.

In Topic: Registry Warning

22 March 2017 - 08:37 AM

Been having a pop-up recently that says;


"APB Launcher settings failed to be written to the registry. Did you install the game properly using he APB installer".


It's only mildly annoying but is enough to put me off playing if I'm not in the mood for extra pop-ups (Registry one and Facebook one).


I've read the other threads that say to re-install the non-steam version, but I like using the steam overlay as it makes it easier then tabbing out to talk to people while in-game and also lets them know that I'm playing APB if they fancy joining me.


I'd rather mess around once and have the issue sorted instead of messing around re-installing and adding it as a non-steam game.


So is there any other way to fix this?


Thanks in advance.

Repair or reinstall.

In Topic: Is KTTC worth to buy?

22 March 2017 - 08:35 AM

Honestly, .45 is the worst gun in my hands, I can't play with this thing.

just use a fbw than.

In Topic: Is the nssw 74 on armas marketplace?

16 March 2017 - 09:56 AM

Yeah, the DVAH is kind of a gamble. It shows 3 empty spots - but when you buy it you get 3 randome present mods on it! ....




no it doesn't.